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Translation News on Blog of Live Document Translation

Translation news

We have developed our Live Document Translation Blog as a fun activity for the translators to vent and a serious discussion on how the modern translation industry is dealing with the ever-changing translation needs of the market. The blog is written by translators that regularly work with us. We sometimes plan a series of articles on a specific topic, language or culture and the translators collaborate on how the translation industry has developed in this specific realm.

This is our little attempt at a regular increase in understanding of the art and science of translation for whoever is interested.

Blog by Translators

By translators

The Live Document Translation Blog also publishes posts that are made by translators on the whim as an exercise in food for thought and an effort to express their experience as global linguists dealing with multiple languages and cultures.

We are also sure that the discussion of the translation process can be taken much further and the translation industry has barely scratched the surface on how techniques can move ahead in the future, and some of the articles will be dedicated to that.

Blog by Clients

By our clients

The blog posts are of course also made when a client specifically likes a thought and or idea and would like to add their own two cents. We welcome guest posts from our clients and our regular customers to have a tendency to send in a good one every once in a while.

We have developed this emporium of thought for all who love translation and like to enjoy the learning of the trade. We are here to discuss the ideas that are prevalent in the industry and also to discuss the ideas that should gain more ground in the market.

How to Lower Translation Costs

Lower your translation costs by using translation summary

Everyone needs translation, and everyone needs to cut down the translation costs without compromising the quality. One of the best ways to do that is the translation summary, in order to determine if the document is worth spending money on a written translation....

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Online Chinese Translation

Use online Chinese translation when you receive a letter in Chinese

What would you do if you received a letter from your friend or a business partner and it was in Chinese? You would obviously want to understand the message contained within the letter, fast, and this is where online Chinese translation comes in handy....

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Translation Mistakes

Even small translation mistakes can bring big problems

Translation mistakes can bring many problems, as you can see from  the examples above. Any errors in legal or business document translation are detrimental for you or your business. Hence, it is quite essential to ensure that the translations are being carried out in an...

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How to Check Quality Translation of The Document

Do you think you received a bad translation? Check it with LDT

Companies need to be sure whether the qualified translators are adapting a multi-step approach by utilizing quality control process which can catch any technical or linguistic errors. A bad translation may lead to a lot of issues or financial loss for your company....

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Machine Language Translation

Who Can Beat Machine Language Translation

Machine language translation make use of computer programming for deciphering a discourse or content from a foreign language to a substitute one which can be easily comprehended. Machine translations have a lot of limitations governing them. They can be used for quick or summary translation....

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