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Best Live Interpretation Services

(Last Updated On: April 14, 2020)

Live Interpretation Services:


We are sometimes caught in a situation where we need the assistance of professionals so we can communicate with people who speak a language different than ours. A live interpreter will enable you to understand a lot more than just words. Live interpreters can also read body language and emotions. For some people, it is easy to communicate if the language converter is there in person and on-site. Live interpreters react much quicker to any changes in the message being delivered.

We usually are more comfortable if we are speaking directly to the people we interact with. However, some people believe that the assistance of live interpreters is costly than remote localization. But when you speak directly with a linguistic professional, you can be certain about the quality and you wouldn’t mind paying more for it.

Unlike phone and video conversions, you can determine your interpreters reacts timely. They can observe the facial expressions of the clients. They can perform precisely based on the situation at hand. You are free from the trouble of slow connections. You don’t need to struggle with old model phones and laptops. There is no need to follow annoying robotic instructions.

Your live translators know how to react properly in every situation. They are even qualified to handle unexpected situations. You can rest assured that they are experienced enough to solve your linguistic issues.

Our company assures you that we offer the best live localization services in the industry. We are language professionals whose sole aim is to provide the highest quality services to their clients.

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Live Interpretation Features:

Our company follows strict processes to assure quality for our partners. Our operations are based on the past experiences that we found to be effective as we ensure that the standards of a qualitative and professional service are followed.

We always gather enough information on the project before sending our employees on the field. The practice helps us in determining that we are providing employees that fit the needs of our clients. We ensure that our employees follow strict time schedules and company protocols since we believe that these qualities are essential in a professional interpreter’s career.

You can contact our company through our hotline, and you can also contact us through email. After receiving your request, we will send our best interpreters to assist you with your issues. We assure you that you will never struggle to reach out to us. We have provided a 24-hour customer care hotline to assist you and answer all of your questions. You can discuss your requirements with our skilled and qualified phone operators who will access the credentials of our translators that fits your concern.

The interpreters assigned to you will be fully capable of handling any task related to their field. We also assure you that they have a perfect understanding of the task at hand before being deployed to your area.


Live Interpretation Quality:

We currently have more than 9,000 interpreters that are willing to travel the globe anytime to assist you with your interpretation needs. They not only have the necessary translation skills but also understand the rules of the industry and are familiar with latest terms of their field. Our translators have passed certifications from the ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 international quality standards.

We are a part of (ATC) and a corporate member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI). This further proves that we are qualified to provide the best kind of linguistic services. Our goal is the happiness and satisfaction of our clients and we accomplish that by maintaining the quality of our work.

We also offer body language interpretations for people with hearing disability. We worked with the Center for the Deaf and Hard Hearing. We provide sign language interpreters for anyone who might be in need of such services. The AIIC recognizes us as a conference interpreter, and we are in-line with the qualifications of the National Law Forum for legal interpreters.



Prices of services for live interpretation in other firms vary greatly. Typically, in-person interpreters cost around $50-$145 per hour. Some companies require a two-hour minimum requirement for their services.

Our company offers a negotiable price of up to $40 for our translation jobs. We have translators in almost every country in the world. You need to contact us for the schedule and location that you require our services at.

We charge the lowest travel time fee for our services. Travel fees depend on the distance traveled by our interpreters to the location. We offer the two-hour minimum service to our clients. Our company is a member of the American Translator’s Association.

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Fast turnaround time:

We assure a quick turnaround time because we understand the value of time. Our firm has translators in almost every country. We are always just a call away. We assure you that we will offer you quality services minutes after you have reached out for our assistance. You can get linguistic assistance for documents within 24 hours for every 1,500 – 2,000 words.

It, however, depends on the field and availability of our employees in your area. The turnaround time can sometimes by longer because we mail the translated documents to the clients. Because the documents have to be verified so our professional translators can stamp it with confirmation.

We advise you to contact our company for your translation requests. We also assist with your revisions, localizations, interpretations, or page layouts. You can also send your documents via email so that we can contact you within an hour for further details.