task of telephone interpreters

What are the task of telephone interpreters?

(Last Updated On: August 8, 2020)

Telephone Interpreters:


Telephone interpretation easily breaks linguistic barriers by connecting two individuals who speak different vernacular to an expert using only their mobile devices. The work of the telephone translator is to convert one dialect to another, which enables two parties to understand each other. During a transaction, an interpreter listens to the sentences given by the client before translating it into another dialect.

Many people choose the task of telephone interpreters because it is less costly than in-person and video translations. You can avail the services of a phone translator by paying at least half of what you would have to spend on getting a linguistic expert to your location. Unlike a person-to-person translation, there is no need for the translator’s travels. You are also spared from the trouble of rearranging for a schedule. Its assistance is cheaper because you only need to pay for the actual time you’ve spent while on the phone with a dialect converter.

Other linguistic services require a minimum time for a single task. The cost of the service through phone translation depends on the actual time that you’ve spent on the call.

Another advantage of this type of conversion is the ease of access. You can avail of our assistance at any time of the day and any day of the week. The study also showed that clients have the same level of satisfaction when they get person-to-person translations, video conversion, and phone conversion. It merely means that they have as effective as the other types of conversion methods. By the phone translation also offers a broader range of available language.

We can confidently say that we are one of the best agencies in the industry today. We have expert that can translate up to 240 dialects globally. The 9,000 experts working on our team today have all been through a strict recruitment process. Our employees have the necessary skills to do the job. They are fully qualified, have the necessary translation skills, know specific industry practices, and terminologies that can help them do their job properly. They are certified to perform conversions for many industries, including Finance and Banking, Technology, Medicine, etc.

task of telephone interpreters

Our employees were strictly trained and guaranteed by credible institutions. We have passed the ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 international quality standard. Our company stood for years, performing our duty based on quality and accuracy.

How to get the task of a telephone interpreter:


You can book the services of our task of telephone interpreters using your mobile phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops. You need to sign up on our website for free and fill the necessary information regarding your requests. After you’ve signed up, you might avail of our phone localization assistance. You need to call us to reach our interpreters.

Our customer service associates are more than willing to assist you with your translation needs. You need to provide data that includes your name, phone number, email address, company name, billing contact’s name, billing contact’s phone number, and your payment data. After providing enough data, you will be transferred to the fitting translator to assist you with your needs.

task of telephone interpreters

You can also download our task of telephone interpretation app in your app store. The app will directly connect you to an interpreter just by filling up necessary data using your mobile devices. In less than a minute, you will get the services of our interpreters.

The app will automatically connect you to an interpreter without passing through our representative. You only need to choose the languages to be translated and the dialect to convert to. The app is the easiest and fastest way to contact our professional language converters from anywhere, anytime with the convenience of complete mobility and exceptional dependability. The app can be used by connecting to the internet using your mobile data or your Wi-Fi connection. In just a press of a button, you will be connected to an interpreter in less than a minute.

Our premium account also gives you the privilege to connect to our person-to-person interpreters and our video translation service. You will be given additional options to choose from with your premium account. You can schedule an appointment with our person-to-person interpreters through our app, and you can request an appointment with our expert interpreters through the platform. The app will assign the nearest interpreter in your area suited to your needs.

We ensure a fast response for your conversion needs. Our app is reliable and secured. It has complied with the requirements of the HIPAA with end-to-end encryption. The application provides clear audio-only connections in not less than 240 languages. We have decades of experience in language interpretation. We are still planning to expand our business by hiring more highly-skilled professional translators.

Our company ensures that both our customer hotline and app work perfectly in assigning you to an interpreter. Our employees are well trained to assist you at any time of the day. You can also email us with any of your concerns, including complaints in the services of our system, customer service representatives, and interpreters. Our main goal is the satisfaction of our clients. Our clients play the most significant part in the success of the business, and it is their voice that keeps us motivated to give our best every day.

We not only focus on offering high-quality assistance, we also make sure all our clients are satisfied with our services. All of our clients leave a five-star rating for us because they have never received an inaccurate translation from us.