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Live Document Translation is here to make your life easier by destroying the language barrier between you and the information you need to find out.

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That’s it! At your selected time, one of our professional translators will call you with an over the telephone translation of your document. This way you will get an efficient translation summary of the uploaded text and get rid of the language barrier that keeps you down. Live Document Translation will always be there for you!

live document translation

Live Document Translation

If you are in need of an effective, accurate and fast document interpretation, then Live Document Translation is the right place! We are a unique top translation and interpretation company, and we present you with our most innovative service: phone translation services!

Telephone translation is a flexible and efficient tool you can use in order to get access to everything that has been denied you because of the language barrier. We can deliver fast and qualitative services at competitive prices so that you are completely satisfied with this experience.

Telephone translation - fast and affordable services

A Unique, Fast And Affordable Service

This unique phone translation services were born from the desire to offer people the chance to break the language barrier and get access to the necessary information quickly and at an affordable price. No more waiting for weeks for translations and no more walking in the dark! With this fantastic service, you get access to the information you need in no time! You choose the day and time when you want to be called, and one of our professional interpreters will give you a call at that exact moment to present you with an understandable summary of your document and answer all your questions.

A multicultural world where the language is no longer an impediment

A Multicultural Word Waiting To Be Discovered

We believe in innovation, quality and, most important, in a multicultural world where the language is no longer an impediment. If you are in need of fast and professional services, then you need our services.
Schedule a telephone translation session now and let yourself discover the information you’ve been longing to know. You will receive your translation summary shortly after, at the time of your choice, and a professional translator will answer all your questions, by phone.

Live Document Translation is available 24/7

Translators Available 24/7

We can also offer you incredible document translation services because we have highly trained and skilled staff. Ensure the services of a Professional Translator and watch your work and life become easier.
After you talk to a professional translator over the phone and receive your translation summary, it is up to you to decide if you want the whole document translated. We can help with that too, at a special price! All you have to do is to get in touch with us at the time of your choosing.

Live translation in seconds

Live Translation

Live translation is a 24/7 service which ensures that when you have an urgent need to have a document translated live through a phone line then we are here to help you out.

This service is the gift of modern technology and innovation and makes sure that in this day and age you do not have to wait if you need translation at that right moment. We can deal with any document, in any language or format. Instead of waiting for days to have your written translation ready, use our live translation platform to have your document translated over the phone, in half an hour or less. All you have to do is to create an account, upload a picture of your document and set the time of call. At that time, our system will call you and one of our trans-interpreters, and you can have your document translated right there, on the phone.

Live interpreter over the phone in seconds.

Phone Interpretation

Anyone is need of live interpretation can count on us too. Simply create an account and schedule your meeting with a live interpreter over the phone in seconds. It doesn’t matter if the third party is in your office or hundreds of miles away, you have the option to either put the interpreter on speakers, or have our system call your partner, no matter where in the world he may be.

With us, you no longer need to hire an in-person interpreter: simply create an account and whenever you need it, schedule a call and one of our professional interpreters will be on the phone with you at the time of your choosing. Use our simple, affordable yet effective way of communicating live with your partners without having to worry about the language barrier anymore through our telephone interpreting services.

document interpretation

Document Interpretation

Do you ever go out for a vacation and after spending one hour on the road remember that you left your documents at home? Panic starts rushing through your body and an inner debate starts that makes you question whether it is good to turn back or keep driving with the hope that you won’t need your license and registration on the way. No matter what you decide to do and how the rest of the journey goes, the panic will make sure you never forget your important papers at home ever again. Simply because you can’t really do much if you leave behind the things that matter so much. If you don’t have your license, you can get a ticket, or even fall into a worse situation. If you forget your credit card at home, the result will be even more disastrous. You could runout of gas and find out you don’t have anything to buy more gas with.

All of us keep our papers at hand for most of our lives so we don’t land into any trouble. But what if your records are in a different language? You can’t make people speaking a different language understand what your ID or card says. You can’t submit your degrees to a company with your job application if they operate in a different tongue than yours. Because of these reasons, you will need document interpretation to make them easily understandable for those who don’t share your background. With the help of interpretation, you can get your documents everywhere.

language translation services phone

Language Translation Services Phone

Can you imagine your life without the device in your hand? You most probably can’t. You will even search this question in that mobile of yours to figure out how much time you spend on it and how your life will be without it. There was a time when our communication devices were attached to wires and they were used for the sole purpose of talking to other people. But it is amazing to see how far our technology has come. The reason why it is hard to think of our lives without our mobiles is because of their various benefits.

They are not merely used for communication purposes today; we even pay our bills with them. For many, it is their only source of world news. Some use it to stay up-to-date about latest advancements in the world of medicine. Whatever your need may be, you can get a phone knowing it will help you with everything. But the information from around the world only reaches us because of translation. Without it, a lot of news will get lost because of the language barrier. There are different ways in which interpretation helps us. You either get it through the internet or by directly visiting a service provider.

But one highly useful way is language translation services phone. In this method, you get translation through your phone so if you have to engage in conversation with someone who doesn’t speak the same tongue as you do, you can understand their words and they can understand yours.

live document translation services

Live Document Translation Services

Some of us are born lazy while some get addicted to procrastination. Whatever the reason may be, we end up ignoring punctuality. And sometimes we don’t suffer the consequences straightaway but eventually we realize how important it is to value time. If you look up online the things that happen in a minute, you would be surprised and start valuing the passing of minutes a bit more. The world is a race and those who run faster than the rest, reach the finish line first, and the rest get left behind. Sure, they will eventually reach the destination too, but it won’t be considered an achievement. Only those who rush against the needles of the clock are the winner in this world.

There are many times in professional life when people realize how important it is to be punctual and not waste a second. A minute’s delay can cause the loss of millions, if not more. Employees who keep coming to the office late lose their jobs. If you don’t pursue potential investors first, they will go to the company that does. But what if there is a language barrier keeping you from reaching out to investors?

The best solution in such a situation is live document translation services. You can get translation of relevant documents in real time. There are no rules and regulations that you will need time to go over. Your investors can also take advantage of this system and everything can move swiftly for your business.

document translation online

Document Translation Online

What is it that you do online? Post tweets? Read news and articles? See memes? Talk to your friends? Or all of the above? Most people will go with the last option because the internet has become such a huge part of their lives. Gone are the days when we were grateful for the internet because it allowed us to connect with our loved ones easily. Today, it offers a lot more and we are still asking for more. For instance, we want new memes every day and it almost always delivers. But that doesn’t mean it can’t grow more and has reached the height of its potential.

Every human invention can go as far as the human imagination. If we can dream it, we can turn it into a reality with our hard work and dedication. But there are two types of changes we are making into the digital world. One of them are the things we want to see on the web. They mostly refer to things that entertain us even if they aren’t exactly useful for us. The second type of change is the one that will be beneficial for us. One such change is the advancement of translation with the help of computer assisted tools and software of the web.

Another way the digital world has improved translation is by giving us the option of document translation online. Gone are the days when you had to make the journey to a service provider, today all the services are available to you with the help of a few clicks.

Live Translation

Live Translation

Do you ever miss an important game of your favorite team and then catch the highlights later? It’s just not the same, is it? And it isn’t because you have already seen the result but also you know it isn’t live. It has already happened and if you get upset over one player’s missed shot or another’s injury, you will be wasting your emotions over a thing of the past. There are sports fan who watch highlights and recordings of old matches with as much interest as they would watch a live one. But for most of the people, it doesn’t work that way and they know how important it is to watch something when it is happening.

When you miss the match, you will waste extra time on it. When it is happening, you will keep checking the updates in the middle of work and then you would watch the whole thing to find out what exactly happened. Going to all of this trouble will make you realize how much better it would have been if you had caught it on TV in time. But what’s done is done, you can’t change it but you can definitely prepare for the future.

If you are in need of an urgent interpretation, it is better to go for a live translation. You will save your time and get the required translation live. It can be useful in businesses and legal proceedings and you can get it easily from a reliable agency.

Document Interpretation

Document Interpretation

There are a lot of times in life when we require assistance from someone. In such situations, asking for help is better instead of hoping someone will notice your position and decide to be of service. When you visit a foreign country, with all the guide books and maps at your disposal, you will still need to ask the locals for assistance various times whether it is the directions or how to buy something from a store. What if you are starving and you are unable to make the server understand what you are saying about your allergies? You can look around and ask a bilingual local to explain what you are saying or you can keep trying to make hand gestures and hope the server will eventually get them.

Although the above-mentioned scenario isn’t a common one, requiring others to assist you isn’t something out of the ordinary. We need people in our every day lives and without them, our lives will be a lot difficult. Sometimes we want a specific type of help. When we have to exchange documents in different languages with a business partner or investor, we need their translation in real time. For such a task, we can’t expect to handle things on our own.

You will need to get in touch with professional interpreters who can do document interpretation without any delay if you are dealing with papers in different languages and need to know their meaning for further dealings. This process is extremely helpful for businesses who deal with international clients and investors.

telephone translation for documents

Telephone Translation For Documents

All of us should sit and think about our lives without the latest technological advancements. Where would we be without the internet and our smartphones? Unaware of what’s happening in the world, unable to connect with the people we love. But the internet is something we are using all the time. There are a lot of inventions that we don’t give due credit to just because we don’t notice their benefits all the time. A refrigerator keeps our drinks cold but we take it for granted. We no longer have to cook food over pieces of woods. The humans of the stone age would be in awe of us and our inventions.

Even our means of transportation have become quite advanced. Someone from the 18th century would never have imagined that the distance of thousands of kilometers can be covered in a few hours. When you pay enough attention to the things around you, you realize how remarkable they are. The telephone is one such remarkable invention. People had to use pigeons, horses, and human messengers to get their messages from one corner of their country to the other. But today, we can reach someone living in another corner of the world within seconds.

The invention of telephone has revolutionized, not only communication, but the way we conduct businesses. In order to help corporations go global, telephone translation for documents has been come into existence to help them communicate with people of different countries. No more language barriers and hurdles in the way of your business’s success.

phone translation services

Phone Translation Services

We spend years at school, then at college, and then at university to learn about different subjects and become an expert at the one we are the most interested in. All of us have different preferences and choose different fields for ourselves accordingly. Someone who can’t bear the sight of blood cannot become a doctor and those who are good at art, will find it hard to focus on mathematics. When people study the subjects they are interested in, they have a bigger chance of becoming successful in their profession. But when they are forced to study something they don’t love, they are bound to fail.

In many societies, children are forced to go for professions that their parents consider profitable. As a result, many people aren’t happy in their lives. A child who loves languages and wants to study them would not be allowed to that in a backward society. A common misconception among people is that reading languages is not beneficial. In truth, one of the biggest needs of our world these days is translation. We live in a huge world where we need to stay connected for mutual benefit. But that communication often looks impossible due to the language barrier. Every region not only has its own culture but also its own vernaculars and as a result cannot communicate with the outside world.

With the help of phone translation services, we can get real time interpretation of messages and the world will have no problems with staying connected.

telephone translator

Telephone Translator

A lot of times in life we do not think about the importance of some people in our lives. Our teachers not only educate us, but change our lives with their influence. Without a mechanic, our vehicles will not get fixed and we will often become stranded in the middle of roads at night. If the world didn’t healthcare providers, who would treat us when we get injured? Our buildings won’t get built without laborers, construction workers, and movers. None of the public places will be clean if there were no janitors around to clean them. Security guards protect our properties and belongings and give us a sense of safety.

The world is full of such people who maintain the order of our planet simply by doing their jobs. And we never stop to think of their hard work or appreciate them. But imagining life without them is also impossible. We cannot get through a day without the help of such people. People turn to translators when they are in need of interpretation but what happens when they are in urgent need of such services? Who do you turn to when you need interpretation in real time?

A telephone translator is someone who you can get on the phone and they can translate your conversations for you. They are who you will need when you are talking to someone who don’t know your language and you don’t know theirs. With the help of a telephone translator, the communication can run smoothly without any hurdle.

Phone Translation Services

Phone Translation Services

Sometimes, a simple idea can become something great if given the right attention. The Wright Brothers had an idea to build planes. But they didn’t stop at that. They not only built an airplane but they kept working on it until they were able to fly it. They didn’t stop there either and continued to work until they were able to build and fly a practical airplane which laid the foundation of modern aviation. Today, our planes are made using modern technologies and are up for all kinds of flights. This is how far an idea can go if someone is committed enough to work on it.

Telephone is another such idea which began in its simplest form. In the beginning, it didn’t have much functions but the devices of today have come a long way. The earlier devices could only make calls in a limited area. Connecting with people in foreign lands was very difficult and often required a lot of time. All such concepts are quite difficult for us to grasp because in today’s world, the delay of a few seconds in connection is considered a problem. Our devices help us in every field today. One such field is that of translation.

People have been able to get in touch with each other despite the language differences with the help of translation. But phone translation services are what help people to connect with each other quickly. With this service, there are no delays in communications and messages are relayed on time.

Document Translation

Document Translation

When you are traveling to another city or country, what is the most important thing in your luggage? Your personal documents, right? They are the first thing many of us put in our bags when we have to travel. And many of us never take them out of our bags to make sure we never lose them. Sometimes people’s luggage gets displaced. When that happens, its their papers that they want to find desperately. Because without them, they can fall into a lot of trouble. Not to mention the lengthy process of reporting your passport stolen and then requesting a new one. After that, you have to wait until you get the new papers and start using them again. Until you receive the new documents, your life will be at a standstill. You won’t be able to get around if you lost your driver’s license.

And if you lose your academic papers, how will you get a job? These are just a few of the things that can go wrong if you lose your important records. Sometimes, however, you may have the document and it can still prove to be useless due to the language differences.

It is only with the help of document translation that you can present your papers to someone who doesn’t speak the same language as you. The translation opens many doors for you that would have remained closed otherwise. From getting a job in a foreign land to immigration, everything becomes possible with document translation.

live translation

Live Translation

If you work in the corporate world, you must have seen business owners and their employees indulging in various activities to get one up on their industry rivals. These practices are sometimes unethical, but since they are legal, and corporations survive on being one step ahead of others, no one ever stops to take part in them. Companies even take part in illegal activities sometimes. Industrial espionage is more common than most people realize. But that’s how it is because people only invest money in the businesses that give their best to achieve success. So, companies go all in when trying to to attract investors.

A lot of times, the things that rivals get into are harmless. They just involve performing better than your competitor and giving better rates to your clients to make sure you stay on stop at all costs. One such harmless practice is reaching out to potential investors before everyone else in your industry. This is a race where a company wins one day but loses to its rival the next day. But the real problem arises when your potential investors do not speak the same language as you. In such a situation, it is all about who handles the language barrier the perfect way.

Those who rely on slow translation methods for such conversations may lose this battle to their competitors. The best method to handle this problem is live translation in which you can get real time translation and impress your potential investors with your problem-solving skills.

Live Translation Platform

Live Translation Platform

Everyone in the world needs the right platform. If an artist’s work is not exhibited, no one will be able to appreciate it. And if their work is not appreciated, they can not become successful. An author not signed by any publishing house will never get their work published and as a result, have no chance of becoming successful. The same way, every politician needs a forum to reach out to their audience and voice their opinion and ask for votes from their constituency. No matter how talented you are, if you do not have the opportunity to showcase it, it will get wasted.

The same rule also applies when you are in need of a service. You can only find it at the right place. If you go to a hospital and ask for a lawyer, you will be laughed at for sure. But you won’t make that mistake because everyone knows where to find a lawyer and who works at the hospital. However, there are many jobs that are not mainstream and as a result, people don’t know where to turn to get that service. You may know that you should turn to a language service provider if you are in need of a translation. But when you are in need of real time translation so there is no delay in getting your message across, you will have to find a live translation platform. At such a platform, you can get live interpretation and engage in conversations with people that don’t speak your language without any tension.

Document Translation on the Phone

Document Translation on the Phone

How many times have you been glad to live in a world that has smartphones? Remember that time when you were getting late for a meeting because of the traffic and you had to share an important message with the board members? It was this device that saved you and allowed you to attend the meeting directly from your car. We have all been worried about a loved one who wasn’t home at the time they said they will be but getting in touch with them via call and hearing their voice helped us relax.

If you find out about a job opening while you are out, you can wait to go home to apply. But sometimes it is all about who responds quickly. So, you get your mobile out of your pocket and send an email with your resume and a little introduction about yourself. Sure, there are some great things that our mobiles can do but sometimes the little things matter more. What if the company you are trying to sign an agreement with operates in another country where the official language is not the same as where you live? You would need to understand the documents they send through in real time so you can move forward with the deal.

When you require a translation that quick, document translation on the phone is the best solution. It will allow you to understand a document quickly and make your move without any delay. It is another reminder that phones are an amazing and useful invention.

translation over the phone

Translation Over The Phone

If you didn’t go through that phase in life when you spent your nights talking to friends on the phone, were you even a teenager? In high school, mobiles were the support system of many kids. They turned to the devices in their hands when they didn’t want to face the world. But we can’t really blame teenagers when adults are no different. You can hardly find anyone these days who is not using their mobiles in the public. The situation is probably worse when we are all at home and scrolling through Twitter or commenting on Reddit posts.

Some may claim that they have to use their phones for work purposes. And that may be true too because what can’t you do on your gadgets these days. We only use them for texting and calling when we don’t know their other uses. But once we become an adult, we start using them for the practical stuff too, like paying our bills and managing our bank accounts. All of us have had to deal with foreign languages at one point in our lives. But when this is something you have to do at work, you can’t rely on the internet’s interpretation. You would need accurate translations.

You should get translation over the phone when you need it in real time because delays are not considered a good thing in the world of business. With the help of over the phone translation, you can easily talk to your potential investors no matter which language they speak.

Telephone translation

Telephone Translation

What is the most annoying thing about having online friends? The time differences. They can be the nicest and kindest people in your life but what if when you need them, they are asleep? And you can’t be there for them in their time of need for the same reason. If you are a Tumblr user, you may have seen people complaining about this problem there at all times. But it’s not like there is a solution that the world governments are sitting on. The only solution is to make friends who live in the same time zone as you. But that’s not actually a solution, instead a choice that you have to consciously make.

Now, imagine if you required a service but the service provider wasn’t available because it was night where they live? That would be a lot bigger problem than having friends who live in the other corner of the world. You can get in touch with your friends later but if you need a service urgently, you can’t wait for the provider to wake up. The internet has always come up with solutions for us so what makes you think that there wouldn’t be one for this problem?

When you are in need of an urgent interpretation, telephone translation is what comes to your aid. You get connected with translators from all over the world and as a result, you won’t have any trouble finding one who is available when you need them. The time zones won’t be a problem with telephone translations.

telephone translation service

Telephone Translation Service

We can’t go through life without the help of service providers. There are some common things that we require often, like car repair, health care, pet or baby-sitting, home delivery, elderly care etc. Since we are in need of these things often, we have their providers on speed dial. Everyone has someone from each industry in their phones that they trust. This is why it is hard for new businesses to establish themselves. People find it hard to trust someone new and that’s why they stick to their regular service providers even if their work is not of the best quality.

Even now, you are thinking of your mechanic, or your doctor and nurse, and maybe your pet sitter. We are so dependent on them because they help us go through our daily activities and handle things for us when we need them. But there comes a time in life when you require someone to do a task for you that you never had a need for before and as a result, you don’t know who to turn to. You may not even know where to turn to find someone to handle that task for you. Translation is one such industry about which most people have no idea.

When you are racing against time to get an interpretation, you will need a telephone translation service. This is the type of translation in which you don’t have to wait for the translator to get to your house, you can get the task done over the phone.

document translation

Document Translation

Have you ever needed to get your degree verified? It would have made you realize that there are people whose job is to check the authenticity of papers. Personal documents are very important for everyone but their forgery is a lot common than you would think. In order to protect other people from coming in contact with criminals who have forged papers to get somewhere, it is essential to check the important papers of everyone. Companies hire people for this job and verify every new employee’s records to make sure they aren’t letting a criminal into their office. Immigration and visa offices also check the authenticity of every applicant’s papers before letting them into the country.

Sometimes people don’t even know that they have been assigned a fake record. It happens when someone is selling a stolen object. It even happens when people get a fake currency bill from the ATM. But all of that isn’t the fault of the person presenting the bill or the papers. The responsibility lies with the applicant when their document is in another language. In such a situation, they will have to get it translated if they want to present it to a government body, university admission office, or any foreign company.

Due to the growing number of people moving to other countries for education and jobs, the need for document translation is on the rise. There are a lot of language service providers who are offering this service but once you have made it to our website, you don’t have to look any further.

over the phone translation

Over The Phone Translation

Faster communication is more than essential in our lives. And it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, staying connected is the only way surviving this rushed world. Instant messaging applications even allow you to book your flights today. You can call and place an order for your meal. It’s like we never lived before such conveniences. Among these tools, telephones and mobile phones are the ones that multiple industries use during their daily routines.

But what happens when the speaker on the other side seem to be uttering gibberish? Yes, then you need our over the phone translation services. Business development opportunities don’t wait for you to find the solution for a language difference. Convenient and instant solutions really help you grow your business faster.

Our over the phone translations are not just meant for people or companies that have clients overseas, we can provide our live interpreters for immigration services, medical emergencies, conferences, document s and a lot more. So we talked about instant communication and its significance in our lives. Well, LDT is the instant form of translations. There is no other way faster than this service and you can now avail it at the most affordable prices ever.

All you have to do, is send us the details about your requirement and we’ll get you an interpreter instantly. Our team of interpreters is very efficient and can do their jobs with perfection. If you have any misunderstanding or any confusion understanding something during the call, you can ask the translator.

Document Translation Over the Phone

Document Translation Over the Phone

Documents can be of many types, and so could be their vitality. Some of your school certificates that you got for your achievements when you were a little kid, sure are closer to yours and your parents’ hearts but have no real value for anyone else. But when it comes to your birth certificate, you are going to need it a lot more often even though you wouldn’t frame it and set on your side shelf as a memoir of your childhood. In fact, if you consider it deeply, every milestone that we reach can only be recorded and saved in the form of documents.

These translations are needed every now and then. First you have to find a translation company, tell them about the type, details, why and when you require it, you ask for the quote and then you get things done. That’s the standard procedure for all your official documents. But there are a different breed too, those which you’d need instantly interpreted. The ones that we take care of. With our document translation over the phone, you can get all your important papers interpreted instantly. You don’t have to wait for a day or two or a specific person. Our process is simple enough to follow, just calculate the price, agree on the payment and get started with your live session. There is no delay, no extra charges and no trouble at all. The fastest way of getting your documents translated is through our live system. Try us today.

phone translation

Phone Translation

Telephone translations have become an important part of the health industry. Medical emergency lines and customer support centers, especially those in the countries where people are bilingual or trilingual, rely largely on phone translations. The healthcare centers have the huge responsibility of taking care of patients and providing them emergency services and if the person on the other end speaks a language they can’t comprehend, that could result into a disastrous situation.

Imagine you are an immigrant, with no fluency in the local language, and you meet with a medical emergency, how are you going to act upon the instructions of the responder at a local health facility, well, that’s what the telephone translations are for.

But at LDT, we don’t believe that these services can be limited to a single industry. There are times when you need to have a private discussion with your coordinates and you want that with complete confidentiality. Our live interpreters follow the work ethics and understand the rules and regulations that they must follow while doing their jobs.

We assure you that every private talk of yours will remain yours. And if you want our services for your business needs or you want a long term cooperation, we can provide you with the most affordable packages. You can get in touch with us by calling on our special contact numbers given on our websites. Our project managers will negotiate things with your team and provide you with the most professional translators as your linguistic assistants.

live translation service

Live Translation Service

A live translation service is something what can save you a lot. Of course, you wouldn’t get the meaning of life quickly because that’s what you’ll have to unravel for yourself. But jokes apart, at LDT, we have a team of professional interpreters who have been trained by certified institutions. Our native interpreters have gone through the tough screening and have spent considerable time serving in the most prestigious industries such as Airport translation services, retail, pharmaceutical, NGOs, Diplomatic, social welfare, finance, communication, compensation, HR, legal and the like.

Our work go beyond the normal and we also offer customized assistance for your business needs as well. To make things even easier for our customers, we allow them to create a free account with us. Registration is simple and quick. Once you create an account with us, you can save your log in details and you can use our live translation services over and over again without having to enter your personal details every time you have a project in line.

By uploading your document, you get the chance to highlight the queries you have about the particular topics and we convey those questions directly to the translator. This way we connect you with your relevant interpreter, you mark the time and everything gets done instantly.

Our services are the living proof of our commitment and conviction towards a great customer service in the world of live translations. So be our guest and come to us with the confidence that we’ll serve you with the best.

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Live Document Translation offers high quality phone translation services, document interpretation and translation summary which cut down translation costs by up to 70%!