Online translation services over the phone available 24/7
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Live translation – online translation services

Break the language barrier!


The world is evolving at a much faster rate than ever before. Businesses are going global in order to tap on as many markets as possible. Due to the internet, people can create relationships across oceans. The biggest barrier that still remains in place is the one of the language.

Humans speak so many different languages that most of the times is it hard to connect to each other, however, solutions have started to appear. One of them is Google Translate which can be used to roughly understand the meaning of a document but due to its limitations it is hardly reliable. This is where we come in to play: presenting our newest addition: Online translation services over the phone!

online translation services
online translation

Why online translation services?


This brand new service is uniquely offered and can save you a lot of time and money. Online translation services can be easily used for any kind of document, even for a love letter or for a contract. Not only to save time but if you need to know the content and you cannot wait for written document translation (takes 2000 words per day which is 5-6 pages document), you can at least contact a translator by planning a meeting by phone and get your questions answered in minutes.
Imagine how fast you can act on certain situations!
The charges are per minute and extra cost you can choose if you need to have the phone call recorded.

Create your online account today!

We have a large team of trans-interpreters that can provide telephone translation from and into over 80 languages. No matter what the document is about, you can have your live translation done minutes after you upload your document!