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Translation agency more than 15 years in translation services starts a brand new service: live document translation services.

Telephone Translation Services

Telephone Translation Services


In more than 15 years on the planet offering translation services, we as an online translation company found the need to offer an affordable way to understand the content of a document written in a foreign language. Most of the clients are in need to translate documents in a different language for all kind of needs. The price for translations are calculated per word and can be very expensive. On the other hand, most people only need to know what the document is about in order to decide if it’s worth it to spend money on translation.

However, there is a need for a very fast and inexpensive way to understand the content of a document written in a foreign language and this is where we started! No matter if this is for a business or you just want to understand the love letter that you received: everybody and anybody can use this service. Here is where we thought of a system that offers the client or the company a very easy and fast to use system at an affordable rate per minute.

online translation company

Online Translation Agency


Our online translation company started to develop this service 2 years ago and the outcome is a perfect easy to use system where you can quickly have a translator (we call them trans-interpreters) on the phone. The price is per minute and in advance you can have the translator let him or her know the questions you might have regarding the document.

And this can be for every question and every document you might have.

We are of the opinion that this new service is in a urgent need and offer seamless support for anybody having problems with understanding another language.Using our translation agency saves a lot of money and time and helps people quickly understand the content of any document written in another language.

Our telephone translation services are the fastest way to understand a document written in another language and it is also the most affordable one.

The advantages of resorting to our online translation company

Fact: Live Document Translation saves you up to 70% of the costs!


affordable live translation services

Cheapest live translation services on
the market

Fits any needs

telephone translation services

We can provide telephone translation services
for just about any language combination


fast translation agency

It only takes you 5 minutes to send us
your document

Available 24/7

online translation company open 24/7 24/7

You are able to select the call time whenever
you want, day or night, or during the weekend.
Our online translation company is open 24/7


over the phone translation services

You get to talk to the translator when
YOU want


document translation by phone

Your privacy is important to us, that is why
our translation agency will never disclose to anyone information
about you or about your documents


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