Professional live translator services available 24 hours a day
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Professional live translator services

Professional live translator services

We are a professional live document translation agency providing professional live translator services on the phone but also written translation. Our professional live translator’s network consists of more than 2500 professional online translators which are trained and tested in advance to be able to help you with your live document translation. We achieved this high number of professional live translators by searching the best translators worldwide in order to provide you with the best online translation service possible.

We are proud to say that we can offer you our professional live translator services on the phone no matter where you are, from America to Asia, from Europe to Africa. Our extensive network of professional live translators is available for you at any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and our system is easy to use and to schedule your translation call at any time you want.

Live information system

We have set up a live information system for our translators. This means that when you have created an online meeting with a translator about your document, all our translators in that language combination are informed about your request in seconds. This gives them enough time to prepare for the phone meeting with you and to make sure that they will pick up the phone the moment they get called.

The special live tool we have created will make sure that you will have the fastest response and a professional live translator available at the4 time you have chosen. Once you have set up a meeting, our tool does everything: picks up the best fitted trans-interpreters, gives them a notice to be prepared and, when the time comes, it calls both you and the translator.

live translator services
professional live translator services

Professional live translators available 24/7

Live Document Translation gives adequate training to all translators on a regular base and we make sure that they understand exactly what you as a client need to know about your document. They are in a network where confidentiality is on a high level and where only confidential agreements need to be signed in order to get access to our Live Document translation system.

This means that you get professional live translator services on the phone and our translators will be able to provide you with a translation summary and answer all your questions about your document. You have your questions answered fast and professional, you don’t pay an arm and a leg for it and you don’t have to worry about your privacy!

And we will help you with understanding the content of your document. Our online translation services will exceed your expectations. We are here 24 hours a day, every day just for you. Our professional live translators are waiting.

If after the phone call with the translator you believe the document is important enough to be fully translated, we can provide that as well. We will automatically contact you about your experience with the translator and provide any further assistance or services you may need!