Live Voice Translation

What is a live voice translation and how can it be used?

(Last Updated On: July 4, 2019)

Written translation can be expensive. But what if you have a document and only need a live voice translation? Would you want to pay the same price? With us, you don’t have to.

Live voice translation
Translation options

Translation options?

Translation services are offered in many situations. Situations that when you are in urgent need of getting the page translated can be solved in many ways. You can use machine translation and with machine translation you get approx. the understanding of the content of your document.

The other option is to get your document translated by a traditional translation company. You have to contact them, send the document and you get a price and a deadline. In such cases, the charges are high as they are calculated by the word and or by the page. This can be extremely important.

However the main question is do you really need to have your document fully translated? Not in all situations you need the document fully translated by professional translation services. So many times you first have to ask yourself, is this something I really need to have fully translated or do I need to know the content but understandable and not by using Machine Translation? Am I going to use the translated document into my company or my information provisions? Don’t forget that the price of traditional services is expensive so you really have to think before you decide.

Use live voice translation instead

But, if you don’t need a full translation, why should you bother? Well you should. If you question yourself this all the time, you can save a lot of money on our translation budget. How? Simply by using a new service that can give you quickly live answers to your questions regarding the document which you cannot understand. This new live voice translation service offers a solution to the gap between Machine Translation and Traditional Translation Services.

Don’t mix it up with interpretation services, or with machine translation. Live Document Translation is a service where you upload your document and select a time to be called. At that time, the system will call you and a professional translation which will translate or explain the document for you, on the phone. Isn’t that live voice translation?

Live Voice Translation Service