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Affordable translation price per minute

If you have a document of any kind that is written in another language and you have to know what the document is all about, you don’t have to pay a full translation price to have it fully translated. With current translation prices agencies are charging, and depending on the size of your document, you may have to pay an arm and a leg for it. In the end, you will probably conclude that said document wasn’t important and you have just wasted your hard earned money.

Instead, you can start using live document translation, the newest way of getting to know the content of a document without having it fully translated. What exactly does this mean? Watch here the video tutorial. The prices are charged per minute 1.98 USD at any time of the day even in the weekend. There is one flat rate per minute. If you think it is needed to have the phone call with the trans-interpreter recorded, then we charge extra 0.10 USD per minute and you will receive the recording of the phone call.

If you decide at the end that you need written document translation, we will quote you special prices as a customer already using our live document translation services.


Saving on your translation cost!

Think about having the possibility to know the content before you decide to get it translated.

The advantages of live document translation?

Affordable Price Per Minute

Affordable price per minute for live contact with a translator

Get your translation in a very short time.

You get your content translated in a
very short time 24/7

Choose your own time

Choose your own time to talk
live with the translator

Save Money on Translation

Save money on translation

The translation that you need is important but you just reviewed some companies and their translation rates and a chill ran through your spine? You do not have that kind of money and you still need the translation for a very important reason. We feel for you and see cases like yours every day. Do not worry; we have developed a system to help out individuals like you who have a small budget, but considerable technical requirements.

Our system offers the way to have a translation of a document done on the phone, at a price no one could match. The system is designed to cut translation prices by up to 70% of the normal price you have to pay for written translation. This way you can have a verbal translation of your document which gives you a relief in your pocket that is hard to beat. We have developed this live translation system because we understand that translation becomes a need of the working class that can barely afford their own necessities and the ‘old’ rates of translation are not practical when so many individuals are here with the same needs that are also very significant.

If you already took a conversation with a translator and later decided to have written translation, we can help you at a special translation price.

Low Translation Rates Per Minute

Low translation rates per minute

If you have a small need for a translator who will just translate for you a very important conversation than you do not need to worry at all. We are here to help you out with a live translation service that is very economical and is also a perfect solution to all the problems that you get every day in your interaction with international clients.

The translation prices are based on your time with the translator per minute. If you are a basic speaker of the target language and you only need a few phrases translated, a minute is a long time and two minutes may be more than enough to go through one or two pages of translation. If you can write the target language yourself and you only need an authentic but semi-formal translation that you can work with, then this service will cost you next to nothing and will get the job done completely.

You schedule the time when you will talk with the translator, and our system will call you and the translator on your provided time. This is to ensure that you are ready at the time of contact and do not feel hassled. Your time is literally money and we are here to help you spend that money with as much discipline and planning as humanly possible.

If you are not ready to start using our service, please feel free to contact us.

If you are a company and you have special needs, just contact us and we can help you with a state of the art solution.

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