The Advantages of Using Phone Translation Services

The Advantages of Using over the Phone Translation Services

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2019)

Phone translation service provided by Live Document Translation is not a normal translation. LDT does it differently; the client creates an account, uploads his document and sets up a meeting with a trans-interpreter on the phone at whatever time he wants. At that time, our system calls the client and the trans-interpreter, and the interpreter translated the document on the phone and answers all clients’ questions.

There are many advantages of using over the phone translation services, and the boost in the overall use of the service is proving it. Over the phone translation services can be the most cost-effective mode of translation if you need to talk to someone directly, for a short period, are located in a remote area, or you need to understand a document that is written in foreign language. In these cases, a phone translator may be right for you.

Benefits of over the phone translation services

The Phone Translation Service Is Easy to Use

Ease of use

When you use the phone to access expert translator, you can rest assured understanding that you have access to specialists around the clock. Despite the time zone that you reside in, as long as you have access to a phone with the good connection, you will always have access to an over the phone interpreter.

Low Cost

Fortunately, over the phone translation services are quite affordable, even if you only need to access the services for personal projects. Using this service, you have access to a wide variety of multilingual resources, and we can ensure you that you’ll only pay for the interpreting you need.

Typically, over the phone translation is far more cost effective when you compare it to the written translation. When you work with an efficient service, you’ll only be paying for the minutes you use and nothing more.


Over the phone translation services are very valuable if you are talking about productivity and time since it is usually available any time of the day. With the special access number, people needing the service can have an interpreter quickly. Phones are very friendly, and the clients could be served promptly. In some businesses, the service is automated. Using a unique access number, the client can get the instructions in their preferred language on how to use the system or quickly be connected to a multilingual person who can help them.

This is important for when you are planning your project, especially if you have a basic knowledge of when you will be available for a phone call.

Phone Translation Availability

Works Great for Small Projects

One of the main advantages associated with over the phone translation service is that you have convenient quick access to answering simple questions.

If you’re seeking a service that is both time and cost efficient, a service can be delivered remotely, and where privacy is a concern, make over the phone translation your method of choice.


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