Can google live translator replace a real live translator?

Can google live translator replace a real live translator?

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2020)
Can Google Live Translator Replace A Real Live Translator?

If we look a couple of decades back, we’ll realize that things were very different. Internet was seen as an invention made for communication and entertainment. But that was just the start, things boomed like no one had ever imagined and today, we live in a digital world of countless possibilities. One name, however, remains at the top of the charts. That name is like an instant problem solver for millions. And that name is GOOGLE.

Founded in September 1998, Google initially started as a search engine but is now a huge conglomerate. It’s a company that provides internet products and services, online advertisement tools and services and cloud computing. Moreover, the world’s most famous mobile device operating system Android was also developed by Google. The organization is today so huge that it stands among the four tech giants as of today, that are, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon. For such a successful enterprise, competition is not a matter of concern. But utilizing its tools and apps on a daily basis, we start comparing their utility in comparison with human qualifications.

The most talked about installation by Google is its latest invention in linguistic services. Google Live Translator translates your words the moment you speak or write them into the app. It’s actually pretty helpful. While traveling to other countries, having a guide or a personal interpreter is indeed impossible. And there, when you see a word written on a street signboard, you can just write it in Google live translator and you’ll get the meaning in seconds. Receiving a text in Spanish or Chinese is not a problem anymore, you just have to copy paste it and there, you have the English or any other version. That’s technology, at its very best.

But in life, we are sometimes met with situations where we just can’t go with instant solutions. We need detailed assistance, the assistance only humans can provide. Even though many would consider live tools as the replacement of a real live translator, this is actually not the case scenario. Comparing apples with oranges is as ridiculous as doing the above mentioned. The utility of a machine, app or software is not comparable with human services for all industries. You may rely on an app when your problem is of little significance but for a greater and deeper purpose, you certainly would need professional help. Let’s give you some examples:

Official Matters Require Accurate Interpretation


If you are an employee in a multi-national company, you know that you have to deal with people from all around the world. Of course, not everyone would speak the same language. Now, you may be bilingual or even trilingual if you have a love for language, but if that’s not the case, you’ll need someone to translate what they send your way.GOOGLE TRANSLATION

Business agreements, statements, documents, and contracts are written in a very discreet form. You can enter the contents into the app and get the meanings but you won’t be able to understand how you can answer it. Also, legal terms are very specific and apps could not always derive the meanings that are intended in the original document.
In such an instance, you only have one option, look for a real live translator. In fact, you would even insist on a specialist for your special case. You cannot do the same with a tool or a machine or even software but you can certainly negotiate with a human translator about all that concerns your special agenda.

Hiring a real live translator for business purposes is also beneficial because once you start working with them, they begin understanding you, your business and the type of service that you require from them. And during the course, you realize that having a live translator at your disposal saves you from going after other sources.


Live Calling Facilitation


Imagine applying for a university in Spain, and the person who has picked your call on the other end doesn’t understand a word of your native language, let’s say Hindi or Arabic. Next thing you know, you’ll be puzzled, with no clue how to respond and the call will be dropped.
But with a live interpreter or translator, you can totally change the shape of events. This is not the only real-life situation that can be saved by having a live translator on board, there are plenty of other scenarios as well.

In political and diplomatic cases, most people connect to each other via phone. Since leaving things behind and scheduling new visits is next to impossible, officials plan and set an appointment for call discussions. And the most important and unforgettable member is an interpreter or a live translator who listens to whatever is spoken and translates it clearly and comprehensively.

All the stages detailed above are crucial and express how important a human translator is. The truth is, in these scenarios, Google translate is not a replacement for a professional linguist. Yet there are times when an instant solution is needed and there is definitely no harm in using an app or a tool.

At Live Document Translation, We understand the need of a live facilitator and therefore, we are here to provide you with all sorts of live translation services for your individual needs as well as call centers and company requirements.