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(Last Updated On: November 22, 2019)

If someone from Stone Age got to see the world as it is today, they would think they have arrived in heaven. And that would be completely understandable even if our world today doesn’t look like heaven to us. Things change and they keep on getting better than their previous selves. Some would say that the earth was better when it had less people and in a lot of ways, they would be right. Our planet was greener when there weren’t so many humans on it. The forests weren’t cut down to make space for houses. There was no pollution in the air and stars were visible from anywhere.

But it is also true that all of earth’s resources would have gone to waste if humans had not dug them up and used them for building up the world. As for the pollution, who is to say we can’t control it even know. If people really try, there is hardly anything they can’t do. They came from a time when they had no shelter over their heads, no clothes to wear, and only the food they could hunt. Things have gotten a lot better since the time of the earliest humans.

However, it is also worth mentioning that progress doesn’t always make the existing things useless. For instance, even after all the advancement in every field, we still can’t say no to the natural things. We may have changed the way of growing crops, but we still plant them in soil. The earth and everything it has to offer us is still pretty important. The same way, the things our ancestors invented hundred or more years are still as important as the latest inventions. Even if most of them have gone out of use, they paved the way for future inventions. Without them, there would have been no progress in those fields. The first invention in any field gives us the framework to create better things.

There is no denying the fact that all of us love our smartphones and think of them as the best invention ever. But without telephones, we would not have gotten mobile phones. Telephones have not stopped being important, even today. Businesses who give their mobile numbers to their clients seem less professional than those who have landline. If you enter a big office today, you will hear multiple phones ringing at the same time, just how you have seen it in movies. Companies rely on landline phones to connect with clients and potential customers. They are a much better choice than smartphones for various reasons. They also cost a lot less than smartphones.

Live Translation:

Telephones were great but there was a need for devices people can carry around with themselves, and that’s why mobile phones were invented. That invention did not render telephones useless. A similar thing happened in the translation industry. Standard translation has made lives easier. Businesses can advertise their content in any language they want. People can share their reports with doctors living in foreign countries. But despite all of that, there was a need for translation that can be done in real time. Interpretation existed already but it was suitable for conversations were format issues were not a consideration.

When it came to documents, translators often required 24 hours to work on them and that was too much sometimes. Sometimes people needed quick solutions and that’s how live translation came into being. It was a process in which translation of documents was carried out in real time. In situations when people couldn’t wait for twenty-four hours to find out what a certain paper says, they can turn to live translation and get instant solutions. It has helped businesses finalize deals on time. It has also helped patients consult with doctors without the delay of a day. Only those running a company or working in the healthcare industry can understand the importance of a translation that is done in real time.

Live Translator

Live Translator App:

Live Translator

Like other language apps, there is also an app for live translation. It can provide people with interpretation of a document in real time. People might think that it is a useful alternative to hiring a professional but in truth, the app is only good for situations when accuracy is not a concern. Anything language related cannot be handled by an app. Professionals spend years working in the field to develop their skills. They do not become experts overnight. However, some assume that an app can do just as good a job as a professional translator.

Anyone who needs an accurate document interpretation in real time should not use an app. It can very well mess up your document and leads to problems. A business that relies on an app is just hurting itself intentionally. And any patient should not risk their health by getting their reports translated through an app.

However, if someone is in need of a translation that doesn’t have to be accurate, then they can use the app without a doubt. Sometimes people just need to get a general idea from a document. That is something they can get to with the help of an application. Someone in need of a rough summary of a paper should use the live translator app which is accurate enough for regular use. Any informal translation can be carried out by the app and you can use it with full confidence.