Translation Jobs Online

How to get more translation jobs online from home with Live Document Translation

(Last Updated On: July 8, 2019)

Live Document Translation is a very competitive setting for trans-interpreters for several reasons. First, the translation jobs online are assigned to the first trans-interpreter which clicks the accept button in the notification email they receive with each job. Second, because there are multiple interpreters for a certain language combination, which makes competition tight. And third, because the nature of our platform impose interpreters to acct quickly as the clients want translation done fast.

Want to get more translation jobs online?

Want to do something that will make you stand out amongst the rest of interpreters? As a trans-interpreter working for Live Document Translation you have a few options which would allow you to gain an edge over your competitors.

Keep your email inbox open on your mobile

Whenever a client needs to have something translated fast, they will create a job in their LDT account, upload their document and select the time to be called. When such a job is added on our platform, the system will search for all trans-interpreters doing that specific language combination and send them an email with the job description. If you have your inbox open on your mobile, you’ll be among the first ones to see the notification and accept the job.

Stay logged in

In order to get more translation jobs you need to stay logged in in your LDT account as much as possible, so you could see our job notifications when they go out. Quickly go through the job description and click the accept job button if the job fits your expertise. By doing that you will have the chance to be the first trans-interpreter to check that job and take it.

Answer the phone

If you accepted a few translation jobs online with us, our system will call both you and the client at the time the client set up the online meeting. If you don’t answer the phone there will be delays and the client won’t be happy. They have to login into their account again and re-schedule. We also have to talk to the client and propose another meeting with another interpreter. It could go that far wrong that the client won’t want to set up another meeting.

In order to prevent this we have a rating system in place. If you don’t answer the phone the meeting will be canceled and the system will give you a penalty. The client also has the option to give a rating for the interpreter and if it goes wrong, they will probably give you a bad one. That adds up to your profile and the lowest your rating, the lowest your chances of getting more translation jobs online.