Five Tips On How to Become The Most Wanted Trans-Interpreter

5 tips on how to become the most wanted trans-interpreter

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2020)

Become the most wanted trans-interpreter

At the least, an interpreter hoping to become the most wanted trans-interpreter should be fluent in both of languages they speak; have the proper training, and have cultural knowledge in both countries where the two languages are being used. Here are some tips to get you there.

Training and Fluency

Training and Fluency

The trans-interpreter should undergo language screening to rate the degree to which they can effectively comprehend both languages. It is not enough to be competently bilingual, much more than that is involved. You must have at least some professional training to succeed.

Untrained interpreters can create some severe problems by adding or omitting material or inadvertently changing the meaning of the message and trans-interpreting is no different. You are supposed to quickly and accurately translate a document while on the phone with the client.

Cultural Knowledge

To stand a chance at becoming the most wanted trans-interpreter, you must have a strong familiarity with the cultural differences that exist between the two countries in which your languages are spoken. This is so that you can advise clients when something is not a good idea, or not the appropriate way of speaking in the culture of a certain country and prevent them from causing offense.

While such issues shouldn’t arise when a client needs a personal document translated, it appears when a company needs to have something translated. Localization can be done over the phone just as it is done in written translation.

Cultural Knowledge


This is the ability to focus on two or three subject areas and become quite knowledgeable about them. Choose an area of specialization or two and concentrate on them. You can take courses in certain subjects to become more knowledgeable about them, or talk to friends who have experience in that subject. This makes marketing yourself to chosen clients a much easier task.

Interpreter Vendors

This is a bit unusual, but sometimes companies use vendors for interpreting.  So it’s a good idea to sign some contracts and hook up with a vendor or two to offer your interpretive services.  It helps to get your name out there and to further your reputation while making money in the process.

Some last tips

Even with live translation, there are clients that keep on coming back to get more documents translated. In some cases, if they like the linguist they have used before, they would want to use the same in their current projects. Doing the best for the clients may get you there and you’ll soon become the most wanted trans-interpreter for them.

Why provide translation over the phone?

If you cannot travel a lot, or simply do not choose to, then you can use translation over the phone which will allow you to use your skills and become the most wanted trans-interpreter. This is more and more considered a faster and cheaper alternative to written translation.