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Translate Your Document Live

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2020)

Did you ever go to the passport office to get your diving license? Of course not, because you know where to go for the license. But the first time you had to get your license, you needed directions for the DMV. Now, imagine if there were two departments with similar names, both issuing licenses. That would have been very confusing. You could have ended up in the wrong office. You only need to look at the English language to see the example of words that look similar but have slightly different meanings, like affect and effect. However, the best way to figure out when to use these words is by figuring out what they will be doing in a sentence or phrase. The meaning you want them to make will help you pick the right choice because one of them is a noun and the other is a verb.

The same logic can be applied to services. As long as you know what you need, you can pick the right service. But when you are not sure about the work you require two similar services can be a bit confusing for you. Translation and interpretation are the best example of such a confusing situation. People often find themselves faced with the question, which one do I require? There are many linguists who use the two terms interchangeably sometimes to alleviate confusion but it has the opposite effect. People don’t know the difference between interpretation and translation anymore because they have always seen one being used in the place of the other. Even if you are in touch with a qualified interpreter, they won’t be able to guide you about your problem unless you tell them exactly the service you require.

document live

Translate Your Document Live, Is That a Translator or An Interpreter You Need to Have?


Document interpretation is the most common type of language service. From birth certificate to financial reports and legal papers to medical documents, all types of files are required to interpreted from one language into another at some point. For businesses to start working in a foreign country and for individuals to immigrate to a new place, translation of documents is necessary. Multinational companies would not have become as successful as they are today without translation. People from all over the world would have not been able to buy different products or enjoy various services had it not been for the art of translation. But today, thanks to it, the world has come a long way and things are better for everyone.

But sometimes, people get confused about the type of language service they require. When they require live translation of their document, they don’t know who to turn to, a translator, or an interpreter. The answer, however, will be surprising for people because it is both. It all comes down to the type of explanation you need of the document in question.

Live Document Translate by an Interpreter:

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Interpreters are trained to think on their feet, which means they don’t pay much attention to details. You can’t expect an interpreter to provide you a fine quality explanation of a record. They can only help you with a short summary of the piece of paper under observation. If you need the live translation of a document and you are not sure whose services to get, ask yourself what you need from the explanation. If you only need to get a general idea of the document and not go into each tiny detail, then you should go with an interpreter.

Sometimes in a business meeting, everyone present need to get through a document which is in a foreign language. But there is a lot of unnecessary information on the paper and they only need the gist of it. This is when an interpreter will be most useful.

Live Document Translate by a Translator:

Translators spend years perfecting their accuracy level so they can convey the full meaning of a piece of paper. They have to make sure that they include all the information from the original file in the translated one. Every time people need a more formal explanation of a document which is fit for official settings, they should contact a translator.

In the world of business, there are a few papers that have to be carefully examined from top to bottom. Every detail, no matter how tiny, must be transferred to the translated file. When signing contracts or going over company policy, it is necessary to call in a translator for help because every detail must be clear to the signatories. If some part of the information listed on the document is not clear to the signatories, they can sue the company for misleading them. No business wants bad press, but more importantly, no company wants to disappoint its investors and partners. This is why in a situation where every detail has to be in the open when transferred from one language to another, a translator should be contacted and assigned the task.

If you are still confused about the use of the two then keep this in mind that mostly for personal use, interpreters are the right professionals to go with. But when the problem is a business issue, then translators are better equipped to handle the task and help you get through a difficult meeting. Now, you can decide who you need for your document and contact them for a live translation.