Where To Get Written Language Translation Services At Low Rates

Where to get written language translation services at low rates?

(Last Updated On: June 5, 2019)

Written language translation at low rates? We can make it happen for you! Are you looking for accurate and high-quality written language translation services at low rates? At Live Document Translation, we provide written language translation services in over 100 languages including French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Dutch, Swedish and many others at low rates. Our advanced program decreases the time to complete translations and this allows us to offer affordable translation services to our clients.

Written language translation at affordable rates

Translate Any Format Files

Get affordable written language translation services

The cost you pay is dependent on turnaround time, the content type (e.g., medical or technical, etc.) and the quality level needed along with the language set. Therefore if you are not in a hurry and have the usual content to translate it will cost less than required to get a technical text translated within 48 hours.

Translate any file format

We can manage with nearly any file format including Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, Website HTML or plain text. We also have a robust API that enables you to automate the human translation process and to leverage our low-cost translation services.

Use technology and tools to lower the written language translation cost

We use our technology and translation tools to improve translator productivity. By connecting the cost of translation to conclusion times, we can drive down live translator rates – we pass this saving directly to you.

General translators manage most of our projects because the bulk of the documents we translate are general. We can manage a letter for your personal, a menu, or a résumé for a job in a different country.

For the translation of a résumé, for instance, you need a translator who is familiar with the various types of education in other countries to assure a correct equivalent in the target language. That’s how you make the most of written language translation services.

Written language translation: our field of expertise

At Live Document Translation, our translators are native to all areas of expertise, and we have different translators in our database for each language order. Immediately after getting your confirmation, we can assign the translator best suited to translate your text.

    Financial translators have a great experience in financial subjects. The financial department is different, however. We differentiate between economic expertise in business and understanding of the stock market. Translating a text about stocks and bonds is entirely separate from translating a text about market finance. Our translation agency is well-known with all of these type of document translation.

    Legal translators are trained to interpret in a court of law or to translate legal documents such as contracts or agreements.

    Technical translators within the technical area of our agency differ regarding their specialization. We have translators who specialize in aviation and space travel, mechanization, robotics, automotive, material knowledge, chemistry, telecommunications technology, computers, hardware, mechanical engineering, software development, etc.

Written Language Translation Services

I hope you understand where you can get written language translation services at low rates without compromising the quality and accuracy of the content. To know more about our services or to get a free instant translation quote, please feel free make contact with us!