Tips for Translation Online Over The Phone

Tips for document translation online over the phone

(Last Updated On: June 12, 2019)
Tips For Effective Document Translation Online

Live Document Translation is a platform where clients can get document translation online, over the phone. Simply put, the client will upload a document, and the trans-interpreter who accepts the job needs to translate or interpret the document while on the phone with the client. The following tips are a good start for the new trans-interpreters which just joined our team.

Tips for effective document translation online

A good knowledge of the language is essential in order for you to be able to provide document interpretation services. However, there are also many other conditions that must be in place to assure the overall experience satisfies the client needs and ease your work.  Some basic tips that may help you with this task are as follow:

Environment and technical conditions

A good environment free of distractions is very important to keep you focused while providing your services. It is important that you designate a special place that fulfills this condition. About technical conditions, if you are using a cell phone just make sure the radio signal is good, and the quality of sound is good enough so you can both hear each other well. Land lines are always better for this purpose.

Speak clearly

The way you communicate is a key element in providing document translation online. It is important that you speak clearly with a normal tone of voice and at even pace. Stay unbiased and do not allow your emotions to interfere in the session. In any case you will have the opportunity to control your own performance and the way the clients behave when they are in the session.

Plan a pre-session

Whenever it is possible it would be recommendable to plan a pre-session in order to clarify the field and terminology you will be using. If it is not possible, take some minutes to talk with the client to understand what you will be talking about.

Allow questions

If the clients needs to ask questions to clarify any point, allow them to do so. Questions may be related to the document or related to the information you are translating; in both cases allow them to ask questions and answer them efficiently.


As every phone interpreting session may differ from another, it is important to keep in mind that you will always have the possibility to adjust some of the conditions to assure the success. You must always keep educating and nurturing yourself to guarantee you may continue to provide your service in the most professional way.

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