Job Notifications

Why Interpreters Have To Be Fast To Reply To Job Notifications

(Last Updated On: July 15, 2019)

If you are one of our trans-interpreters, you probably already know that you need to act fast in replying to job notifications sent from Live Document Translation. In case you don’t know that yet, read on for some advices on how to get as many assignments as possible.

Why You Need To Reply Fast To Job Notifications

Each of us had to have something translated at least once. People are looking for translation and interpretation services every day, and due to the fast globalization process, translations are more and more needed. However, in order to get a client, a translation company or even a freelance translator has to be able to comply with client’s needs. One of the conditions a client would ask is for the job to be done fast. It doesn’t really matter if the document sent for translation is needed in 2 weeks, the client will still want it translated fast. That’s human nature.

On another hand, there are clients who are really in a hurry to have something translated or just to get a summary of a foreign document. This is where Live Document Translation comes in. The system has been designed in a way that allows clients to schedule a call with a trans-interpreter in the shortest time possible. Therefore, in that short window between the moment the client adds the job and the time of call, we need to be able to come up with a trans-interpreter that is able to take the call when the client wants.

Here’s how the system works, and how you receive job notifications

The client logs in into his account and adds a translation job. He may have a document to be translated, or he could paste a simple text into the system. The client then picks up the language combination, and a time when he wants to be called by the system. As soon as the job has been added, our system will search through the database and select the interpreters that match the language combination required and send an email to all of them, with a special link to accept the job.

Since we need to be fast, there is no way for us to manually pick an interpreter. The system works on the first come first served principle: it will automatically assign the job to the first interpreter who clicks the accept job link in the email. The other interpreters will receive a warning message that another interpreter has already been assigned if they click the accept link too late.

One thing you could do in order to be able to reply faster to ourĀ job notifications is to keep your email always open and check it all the time. Some email providers allow you to add certain rules on where you want the email to be received on. For instance, Gmail allows you to move a certain type of email into other tabs. If you want our emails to show up in the main tab, just move one of them to that tab. Being the main tab, you will always hear a sound alert when you receive a new email.

Another thing you could do is to add our domain, to your contacts list. This will ensure that the emails from us will be received fast, thus allowing you enough time to check all job notifications in almost real time.

We are also working on our own app that will send you job notifications directly into any type of mobile device you may have. Currently, we are in the testing phase so it shouldn’t be long until we’ll have it available and when that happens, all interpreters will receive a notification about it.