Live Translate Over the Phone

Live Translate Over the Phone 10 Tips for Translators-Interpreters

(Last Updated On: July 20, 2019)
Live Translate Over the Phone - 10 Tips for Translators-Interpreters

If the world was to end tomorrow and you could one piece of technology to survive with you, which one would you pick? Although everyone can have extremely different answers to this question, we can assume that a lot of people will choose their phones. And it is not only because they do so much for us from informing us about the weather to helping us pay our bills, but also because we have become dependent on them. Our mobiles have become the companions we turn to when we don’t have the strength to interact with the people around us.

It is the ultimate gift from the inventors to the introverts. You can pretend to take a call when someone asks you about your future plans at a family gathering or open Twitter to keep yourself entertained when you don’t know anyone at a party. But apart from individuals, corporations, institutions, and offices can’t imagine to survive without their phones either. The reality is not much different from the movies where they show the inside of an office and a phone is always ringing in the background. And you can’t even imagine how difficult it will be for the telemarketing industry if there were no communication devices to get in touch with people.

Live Translation:

We could have had all the means of communication in the world and still be unable to understand each other if we didn’t have translation. The world would not have able to continue if misunderstandings were common among nations due to the language barrier. But we were able to save ourselves from that problem with the help of interpretation. There was, however, still one problem with translation and that was the time it required. What if you needed to know what someone was saying in another language as soon as they said it? Imagine if you favorite foreign show on Netflix didn’t come with subtitles and you had to read the script separately? Sounds scary, right?

This is why humans came up with the idea of the live translation or interpretation. With the help of this method, you can get documents and conversations interpreted over the telephone. You don’t have to wait around to receive the document from the agency to know what your investor was talking about. You can also give them timely response with the help of live translate. You can save a lot of time this way and use it to pay attention to other important matters of your company.

Live Translation or Interpretation

10 tips for translators-interpreters:

Those who are pursuing a career in linguistics might be interested in trying their hands at interpretation but there are a few things that they need to learn about the field. The following ten tips will be highly helpful for every interpreter:

1. Practice:

You can’t become good at your job unless you do practice, no matter what kind of work you actually do. But this work especially requires you to go through hours of audio to practice interpreting in real time. You can also listen to videos in different accents so you don’t have trouble understanding people when you are translating them.

2. The Cultural Aspect:

You can interpret a language easily if you are its native speaker, but you will be changing it into another language for your clients and that’s where you will need help. Every language in this world is influenced by culture and traditions of its people. So, in order to understand a vernacular completely, you must learn about its cultural aspect too.

3. Consume Media in the Languages You Interpret:

There is no better way of understanding a tongue than watching news or watching movies or TV shows in it. Not only will you be informed about world events and get to consume entertaining content, you will also be able to understand the language better. Your ability to pick things by just listening will also improve if you listen to radio or podcasts.

4. Pick a Field:

Although businesses mostly require live translation, they are not the only ones who do. You must pick a field, whether it is the corporate world or the legal one, health and science or entertainment, and work to become an expert in that.

Tips for Translators-Interpreters

5. Learn to Multitask:

Live translation is all about learning to multitask. In order to prepare yourself for that, you must try listening to speeches while doing some other chore, like cleaning or even writing a post-it note about groceries. Once you are done with your chore, try remembering the speech. You are not going to come out of this practice victorious the first time, but you can achieve perfection with practice.

6. Refresh Your Mind Frequently:

You must give your mind some rest between tasks to refresh it. You can’t continue giving your 100% if you are overworked. When you are done with a project, try doing the things that make you relax, or try meditating.

7. Keep Learning:

Even when you start working with big companies, your learning process shouldn’t stop. Attend workshops about translation regularly to keep your knowledge up-to-date.

8. Mind Your Tone:

You don’t have to talk the same way as your speaker, your job is simply to interpret their words. Keep your voice at a normal volume, neither too loud nor too low.

9. Stay Calm:

If the speakers are arguing, you don’t have to worry about that. You only have to interpret them, not take sides.

10. Work with an Agency:

There are many interpreters who work as freelancers, but at the end of the day they make less money than those who work for language service providers. The reason is simple, agencies have more clients, especially the successful one, and can connect you with them whenever you need work.

When you make all the right choices, your career will flourish and you will be able to earn more and more clients with time.