Top Translation Tips

Top Translation Tips for Trans-Interpreters

(Last Updated On: July 10, 2019)

Although interpretation services are booming now, not all of them offer the best experience for the client. Service providers, interpreters and equipment share the responsibility for the quality of this experience.  Among them, trans-interpreters are the key to guarantee the level of excellence but their employers and the equipment they use must support them properly to help them achieve their goals. If you are a trans-interpreter providing live translation services, there are a couple translation tips you can follow during the session to guarantee you offer the best service.

Translation tips for trans-interpreters

  • Be sensitive about tones and culture: As it is not a face to face session, you will not have the opportunity to appreciate these elements. However, they are still present and the clients expect that you are sensitive enough to keep the session flowing.
  • Get informed about the topic: Whenever it is possible you can get informed about the topic before the call. As many times you get informed with short notice you have to offer your previous experience and knowledge. The best way to guarantee you can face the workload for many different topics is to continue your education and get updated with daily events.
  • Keep the confidentiality: It is common that clients share private and sensitive information during their conversations and it is important that you follow ethic conducts to guarantee privacy.
  • Phone reception: Land lines should be preferred over cell phones. However, the wide spread of mobile phones has made that these devices are used more frequently. Although you are not able to control the equipment of the client, you must take care of your own equipment in order to guarantee you have the best reception and sound.
  • Evaluate your sessions: When you evaluate your interpretation sessions you have the opportunity to identify your mistakes to correct them. Over time you will accumulate valuable experience that you can apply for future sessions.

Following the above translation tips will provide you with a new edge on the services you provide thus giving you ways to improve your service.