Live Translation Platform

Trans-interpreters: How To Use Our Live Translation Platform

(Last Updated On: July 15, 2019)

Live Document Translation provides an easy to use live translation platform for trans-interpreters interested in working with us. You can have your account created and activated in a few minutes and you’ll start receiving job notifications from us soon after that.

To create an account, simply use the register/login button on the upper right of the screen and choose the Register translator link. Create your account, click the verification link in the email we send you, then login into your account and edit your profile. Once your profile has been completed, a member of our staff will call you in order to verify your phone number, then activate your account. We also set up a frequently asked questions page for trans-interpreters where you can find more information.

How To Use Our Live Translation Platform

If you already registered and your account has been activated on our live translation platform, you don’t have to do anything. The moment a client adds a job matching your language combination, you will receive an email with job details and the time the client wants to be called. The email will also include a link which you need to click if you want to accept the job. The first trans-interpreter who clicks the link gets the job.

If you accepted the job, our system will call both you and the client at the time the client has chosen, and you’ll be able to answer client’s questions about his document or provide a translation summary. If you want to find out more, please login into your account and watch the videos under the “How it works” section.

You get paid at the beginning of the month for earnings gathered during previous month, and we pay using Paypal, Payoneer or MoneyBookers (you are able to choose the way you want to get paid by editing your payment details at any time).

If you created an account but didn’t complete your profile, you will not receive any job notifications. In order to have your account activated, please complete your profile. If you have any issues, please contact us by email or by clicking the live chat button on the site and one of our project managers will help you out.

We are also working on an app which will enable you to receive instant job notifications from our live translation platform, an app that will work on any mobile device. As soon as we have it ready, we will notify you by email