Accept Translation Job

Trans-interpreters corner: how to accept a translation job

(Last Updated On: July 15, 2019)

Live Document Translation is a platform which provides fast translation over the phone for documents of any kind. With us, a client is able to create a translation job in minutes and expect a call from us shortly after. Since the platform is designed to offer fast services, all trans-interpreters need to respond to a job notification as fast as possible.

How to accept a translation job and get it assigned to you

The moment a client submits a new translation job, the system will automatically look for trans-interpreters who match the language combination that is required and will send an email to all of them. The email contains the job description, an excerpt of the document and the questions the client may have, along with the time when the client wants to be called. It also contains a special “accept” link which, when clicked, will send out system your intention of taking that project.

If you click the accept link, and there was no other trans-interpreter to click it before you, the job gets assigned to you. This is how the system works in order to be able to quickly respond to clients requests. If the job is assigned to you, you will receive a confirmation email and the job will appear in your account as being assigned to you.

What if another trans-interpreter already took the translation job?

In this case, the excerpt of the document uploaded by the client will no longer be available. If you click the accept link, the system will notify you that the job you’re trying to apply to has been already assigned to someone else.

The email you receive also contains a “request number” which you need to have at hand if you have questions. You can always get ahold of support by clicking the live chat button on our site.