Accurate Language Interpreter Services by Phone

Where to get accurate language interpreter services by phone?

(Last Updated On: July 19, 2019)
Where to get accurate language interpreter services by phone?

There are a number of translation options that clients can pick. There is the usual form wherein a client can visit an agency, and bring with them the documents and have it done there. Another option is to submit it online and wait for the turnaround time to be finished. While these are all viable options, another choice is to phone-in your project and have it translated over the phone.

A phone-in translation is usually done for projects that are relatively small. It is important to note that aside from the usual fee, the client is also responsible for paying their phone fee. While there are some agencies that offer a toll-free alternative, these services are relatively rare.

Another option for phoning in your translation projects is to have it through Voice Over IP or VoIP. One popular option is through free Internet calling services like Skype. Since these channels run through the Internet, there are no phone fees to worry about. However, you are required to have a stable internet connection in order to use this particular service.

Phone-in translations are usually rushed. So, there are legitimate concerns about accuracy and quality. When it comes to translation projects, accuracy and quality are of topmost important. This is why it is important to look for a reliable translation agency with a respectable reputation.

Since phone-in translation services are usually rushed, there will always be outlets for error. Nevertheless, there are always agencies that can maintain high quality and accuracy despite working on rushed projects.

High Quality, Accurate Phone-In Translation Services

If you are looking for high quality phone-in translation services, you came to the right place. Our company has a pool of professional translators that are always ready to take your project any time. Our services support more than 120 languages and dialects. We have consistently ranked on the top, not only in phone-in translations but in the translation business as a whole.

Accurate Language Interpreter Services

Clients have always wondered how we are able to maintain top quality and high accuracy despite facing various constraints like time. Well, the secret to that is quite simple. We only hire professional native language speakers. In doing so, we have seen remarkable improvements in our quality and accuracy.

It is not a complex strategy after all. Having a pool of native language speakers means that you have a standby team of professionals that are well-versed with a particular language. Native language speakers are also experts when it comes to grammar, as well as sentence construction and structure.

On top of hiring native language speakers, we also have a dedicated team of quality checkers. There sole purpose is to double check all outputs and make sure that they adhere to the quality and accuracy that we have adopted for so long.

Fast Turnaround Time.

We understand that time is an important resource for our clients. Which is why we always make sure that we beat all deadlines and submit each project ahead of time. While the common deadline for a typical translation is 24-hours, we make sure that we beat that deadline by at least a couple of hours. By doing so, we can give our clients enough time to double check the final output. It is also beneficial for us as it gives us the time to make all the necessary corrections that the client want. In terms of turnaround time, we also have a number of rush service that you can utilize.

Phone-In Options

While not all agencies offer phone-in translation services, our company not only offers it but we also have a handful of choices for you to pick. We have the traditional phone line which you can call anytime, although it costs quite a bit due to the phone call charges. Nevertheless, it is always a great option if you are looking for quick translations. We also have a VoIP option. You can contact our company through various online platforms. You can check our website for options on how to contact our services.

24/7 Operation

We provide translation services to thousands of client around the world. Because of this particular mode of operation, it is important for our company to maintain a 24/7 operation, even on holidays. It is true that maintaining such operation is hard. However, this allows us to provide services to our clients around the clock. So rest assured that despite the time of the day, we are always here to provide the best phone-in translation services for you.

Discount for Our Clients

Affordable Rates.

When it comes to translation services, one of the most important factor to consider is price. In fact, there are some clients that would prefer to sacrifice quality and accuracy just to get a cheap rates. That is not the case with us. We make sure that our services are reasonable and within means.

Our rates are not exactly cheap. Our rates speak for the quality and accuracy of our final outputs. Nevertheless, all of our rate are always negotiable and we offer a number of discounts to all of our clients, old and new.

For new clients, we have referral discount that they can take advantage of. Affiliate marketing is also one strategy that we have utilized to market our services, while at the same time give discounts to our valued customers.

As for old and existing clients, we provide loyalty discounts. Clients that bring in bulk projects also receive discounted rates.