Need Fast Translations?

Need Fast Translations? Get a Translation on the Phone

(Last Updated On: July 8, 2019)

Translation on the phone differs from the other methods of translating a document or a web page. With a printed translation, you will get your content, you will send your content to your translation company and inside of a prearranged time frame, they will furnish you with a full translation of the content. But that will always take time, at least one day or more, depending on word count. However, when it comes to phone translation, it is an exceptionally simple procedure, and getting the job done in an instant is possible. Indeed, it is amazingly exceptional for the customer to talk with someone who can do fast translations through a telephone conversation.

Translation on the phone for fast translations

Translation on the phone works impressively in an unexpected way. With telephone translation your translator will be reading your document and translate it live. So as opposed to giving an interpretation all alone, a telephone translator will be interpreting your documents in a fast manner. You can also ask the trans-interpreter to provide you with a translation summary if that is what you want, or ask any questions you may have about your document. You can stay on the phone for as long as you need, until you are sure you know exactly what is being written in that document.

This implies telephone translators to be well versed in the language combination you require. They should be familiar with the field the document is in, and they should also be able to reply to your questions about your document. This is why here at Live Document Translation, we only employ specialized trans-interpreters who can provide fast translations on the phone for just about any language combination.

If after the conversation you decide to have a written translation of your document, we can do that too, at a special price which will beat any competition out there.