Live Translation on The Phone

Benefits of doing live translation on the phone

(Last Updated On: July 11, 2019)

Working as a trans-interpreter at Live Document Translation has its unique advantages, mostly due to the features of the platform but also due to what is required from a trans-interpreter. With LDT, you need to provide live translation on the phone. It may sound a bit complicated, but in fact, it’s simpler than one might think.

The globalized world we’re seeing today forces us to interact with more and more people from all over the world. The main objective of each business is to extend their reach at an international level while providing support to clients located in different countries across the globe. Connecting with various nations implies that they need to use various languages in their communications, and most of the time they need to act fast. But in order to do that they need fast translation and here is where live translation on the phone gets into the play: the services are available anytime for anyone needing a quick translation. Using telephone translation, the clients get a straightforward and successful approach to guarantee that they get their translations when they need it.

Benefits of doing live translation on the phone

No more document formatting work

Providing live translation on the phone is easier than written translation and one of the reasons is that you no longer have to spend more time formatting documents rather than translating. Remember the badly formatted documents that you first needed to spend hours adjusting the layout without getting paid? And then be done with the translation in only an hour? So you’ve been working for 3 hours and you only get one hour paid. That is frustrating and you feel like you’re working for nothing because you only get paid by the word.

No more hours spent on doing research

It’s not the first time you hear about spending your time doing research because the client didn’t provide a glossary of terms, right? We feel your pain. Doing live translation on the phone you no longer have that problem. You get the document and when the phone rings you simply translate it to the client and then answer any question the client may have. That’s way easier, right?

The option to take any job no matter the time of the call

All jobs matching your language combination are being sent to you by email. In the email, you get details about the job and you are able to see the time when the client wanted to be called by the system. All you have to do is convert the time to your time zone, have the document ready, and relax. Our system will call you at exactly that time, only thing you need to do is pick up the phone and translate the document. If the client has questions, you answer them. And you get paid for that too, because you’re paid by the time you spend on the phone with the client. More questions? More money for you.

To conclude, providing live translation on the phone should be easier and more rewarding than written translation, don’t you agree? Let us know in the comments.