telephone translation

What is Telephone Translation?

(Last Updated On: July 17, 2019)

Telephone Translation Secrets Revealed

Telephone translation is only one service included in a range of different language translation services, and few individuals are familiar with it. In fact, up until now you may never even have heard of this service. Allow us to explain the process to you.

Telephone translation is the practice in which a three-way telephone conversation is conducted with an individual interpreter. An interpreter essentially allows for effective communication between a client and a person that may not be proficient in the language spoken by such client – all by means of telecommunication.

Telephone Translation Process

Phone translation by immediate request

As soon as a client contacts us at Live Document Translation to request a telephone translation service, we act immediately in linking such client with one of our professional translators.

We promise clients a quality of service second to none. We offer incomparable client gratification, reasonable service rates and telephone translation experts hosting an adept knowledge related to your translation requirements.

Our proficient phone translation staff are readily available to assist clients at any given time, no matter the circumstances.

We are a leading force employing skilled interpreters with an all-embracing set of qualifications. All our interpreters are skilled experts in their respective language capabilities.

Their perfect vocabularies guarantee an exact application of linguistic skills, thereby reducing the time

spent on telephone conversations and decreasing possible liability. This allows us the luxury of rendering an outstanding telephone translation service to clients across the globe.

Secure and private communication at all times

At Live Document Translation, we take pride in earning trust from our clients. We endeavor to build longstanding professional relationships with clients and achieve this by means of warranting the privacy and security of clients at all times.

Our telephone translation staff are bound by stringent non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements.

We endorse strict ethics and it is our belief that a breach of confidentiality is a breach of trust; something that cannot be tolerated in the realm of online translation.

A telephone translation service for all industries

Our services are not industry-specific and we extend our telephone translation services to all areas of commerce. Using a combination of technological advancement and highly skilled telephone translation personnel,

Live Document Translation is readily available to offer assistance to industry sectors including financial and banking, call centers, insurance, tourism, travel and hospitality, medical and healthcare, educational institutions, retail and customer service as well as government agencies and law enforcement agencies.

Expand your business operations with a telephone translation service

At Live Document Translation, we know that clients may require immediate assistance from telephone translation personnel to translate information to individuals who may not be in a position to understand the spoken language of a client.

Our service allows for this process to be quick and easy, enabling clients to manage business transactions in any required language.

Call on us for assistance, no matter the size of your company. Our telephone translation rates are highly competitive and offer transparent service with absolutely no hidden costs. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.