Live Translation Service - Who Needs It?

2 Advantages of Using a Live Translation Service

(Last Updated On: June 15, 2019)

Who needs a live translation service?

At first glance you’ll probably ask yourself why would anyone use a live translation service as usually people need written translation services. We do both types of translation and each comes with its own advantages.

Written Translation

Written translation

Working in the language translation industry, it is easy to see that companies and experts regularly don’t understand the requirements for an expert live translation service, or the advantages of having business and advertising materials translated and in many cases they see such services as an affordable method to have their documents translated to another language.

The truth is that for any company working in the global business sector, or companies wishing to venture into remote markets need to communicate with clients and staff from other countries and translating their documentation, sites and promotional materials leads to great results. That is also something we can help with as we also provide written document translation services.

Written translation helps in bridging the gaps between company owners and clients or any other possible audience. The translated web-page or the documents adapted to that specific market will make sure that your marketing campaign is highly effective.

How about live translation?

A late review led by Common Sense Advisory, a statistical surveying company having expertise in doing research into industry patterns in language translations, interpretation, localization, and globalization. Their study entitled “Interpretation at Fortune 500 Companies” was to get some answers concerning how Fortune 500 organizations utilize and profit by utilizing such a live translation service. The aftereffects of the overview represent themselves regarding the advantages for companies using translation as a part of terms of development and an expansion in income.

Translation By the Phone

Live translation is being used whenever anyone needs to have something instantly translated. Knowledge is power, and quick business decisions may depend on an accurate and instant service such as ours, where you can have your document translated over the phone in minutes.

The benefits

Here are 2 of the many benefits you can get by using a live translation service:

Accurate translation. Why would you use our service when you have Google Translate for free? Simply because you need fast and highly accurate translation which machines will never be able to provide, yet our phone translators do.

Fast and cheap. You can have your meeting with a translator scheduled in just a few minutes by creating an account and uploading your document. Stay close to the phone, our system will call you and our trans-interpreter and you will get your live translation right on the phone. The translator will also answer any questions you may have about your document.

Who wins?

The battle between written and live translation is never-ending, and no one will actually win. The services address to different, specific needs and as such, there is no way to tell which is better.