How to Live Translate Documents Over the Phone

How to live translate a document over the phone

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2019)

How to live translate a document

As a trans-interpreter, you need to be able to read and translate a document when on the phone with the client, which might pose some problems. Here are some tips and tricks on how to live translate documents during a phone call.

How to Get Translation Job from Live Document Translation

How to get a translation job from Live Document Translation

As you probably know, as soon as a client sets up a job in his account, all trans-interpreters matching the requirements get an email about the job, where you will be able to see a description of the document and the time the client wants to be called. All you have to do is to review the requirements and if the job fits your schedule, accept it. In order to be assigned to it, you need to click the accept button in the email. If you are logged in into your account, you are also able to see the job and approve it from there.

Being designed to be fast for clients, our platform will assign the job to the first interpreter who clicks the accept button.

How to live translate a document

When the time comes, our system will call you and the client. Once you’ve exchanged a few words with the client, you can start reading the document and provide a translation for what you read. The client may interrupt you if he has questions, so you need to be able to answer the questions, then continue with translating the document.

Some other clients may have a rather large document to which they would need a translation summary. If they want that, you may want to ask them what is it for, or what are they interested in said document. Most would be interested to know if some parts of the document are important enough in order to have them translated. You need to quickly go through the document, determine the important parts and indicate them to the client.

How to Live Translate a Document
Be patient and polite

Always be patient and polite with the client. Some may have a bunch of questions for you, and you need to answer all of them in a polite manner. Being polite and acting professional will benefit both you and us. You get a higher rating from the client, and may get returning client who will prefer having you specifically on the phone instead of opting for any interpreter in the system.

Speaking with clients on the phone and to live translate a document may not be easy, but can be well rewarding. There are quite a few clients who use our live translation system on a daily basis. Depending on the translation you provide, they may choose you to translate all their documents in the future, which means more jobs for you!