Why is Simultaneous Interpreting Challenging?

Why Is Simultaneous Interpreting Challenging?

(Last Updated On: June 22, 2019)

Simultaneous Interpreting

Even at the best of times simultaneous interpreting can be a difficult job, requiring a lot of talent and diligence to perform in the proper way. Consider that the interpreter must take what the speaker is saying and promptly turn it around so that those who do not speak the language can comprehend both the words and meaning. Having a large audience that requires interpretation services as well as the company you are working for only makes the situation harder.

Continual Conference Interpretation

Continual Conference Interpretation

On some occasions conferences can go on for days instead of hours.  This can be quite taxing on an interpreter.  Besides the physical effects, such as strained voices and being exhausted, there is also the mental stress of deciphering everything you are hearing correctly.

Complicated or Technical Wording

Often conferences deal with technical or complicated terms and wording that would ordinarily not be used as part of daily conversation.  In these instances, it is essential that the interpreter know and comprehend the precise translations for these concepts so that the proper meaning is conveyed.

Interpreting More Than One Language

It can often happen that it is required that more than one language be interpreted for the conference.  If this is the situation, than it is absolutely necessary that the company hire more than one interpreter, otherwise the interpreter will be exhausted and possibly confused, and mistakes can be made at such times.

People Talking Too Fast

There are a bunch of people who are talking too fast, and during simultaneous interpreting it is preferred for the speaker to take it slow, so the interpreter has enough time to understand the idea and convey it correctly to the target audience.

Interpreting more Than One Language
Simultaneous interpreting is rough for interpreters

The only professional thing for any company that is hiring an interpreter for a conference or meeting is to be certain they comprehend exactly what they are asking for. The interpreter needs to set his own conditions before taking the job, or even during the interpretation he could ask the speaker to take it slower. This lets them make it less difficult for the interpreters to do their job, and also helps them to be more effective at it.