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Got a long document? How to get a summary of translation with Live Document Translation

(Last Updated On: June 15, 2018)

So, you have a really long document in a language you don’t understand and want to know which parts are important in order to have them translated? You can use LDT to get a summary of translation, where our translator on the phone will quickly go over your document and will indicate which are the parts that are important to you.

Summary of translation

summary of any document

Why would you need a summary of your document?

There are many reasons why you’d need a summary of a long document, and for most of the documents, you can do it on your own. What happens if you receive a document written in a language you don’t speak and it is a long one? You need to have it translated, but translating such a long document won’t be cheap.

Why don’t you try Live Document Translation instead? Simply create an account and set up a text scheduled call. Don’t forget to upload your document. At the time of your choosing, our system will call you and a translator, and the linguist will go over your document and quickly translate it for you on the phone. This way, you get the chance to see which fragments are important and need to be translated, a summary of translation if you wish to call it that way.

After the call, when you already know what needs written translation, ask us to do it for you, and we will, at a special price!

The benefits of using our services

There are several benefits in using our live translation services:

  • Low price. With us you pay by the minute and our translators are fast so it won’t take long to have your document translated. Using our services you save up to 70% of the money you’d spend on written translation.
  • Availability. LDT is available day and night, including during the weekend. We have resources for just about any language, and enough translators to ensure 24/7 availability.
  • Speed. You can have a translator on the phone in half an hour or less.
  • Choice. You get to choose when you want to be called.
  • Lower rates for written translation. If after the call you deep some parts of your document important enough to have them translated in writing, we can do that for you, at a special price.
advantages of LDT
Have your document translated the easy way

Having a translator on the phone allows you to get a quick translation for just about anything, including handwritten letters, from any language. Time sensitive documents are just that, and you need to have them translated fast, right? We can do that for you at any time!

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