Phone Translator Services

Phone Translator Services: Steering the Way Forward

(Last Updated On: July 17, 2019)


Phone Translator Services – Steering Forward

At Live Document Translation, we are dedicated providers of Phone Translator Services at competitive rates. The availability of advanced technology such as telecommunication and Internet services, allows for phone translations to fast become a sustainable option in achieving multi-lingual communication in the here and now.

Our phone translator personnel are competent in handling live over-the-phone interpretation.

Subject matters ranging from legal depositions to medical emergency translations are well within our area of expertise; the end result being successful and productive multi-lingual telephonic meetings. Similar to our other language translation services offered, our phone translator services include strict confidentiality.

The essence of a phone translator service

Use Our Professional Phone Translation Services

Professional Phone Translation Services

The fundamental core of a phone translator service, is the effective communication of the exact meaning of a message which has to be relayed between two parties who do not understand the respective native languages.

We make use of skilled interpreters combined with advanced telecommunication, ensuring clients receive the best of both worlds.

Our trusted phone translator service is developed in accordance with an unyielding establishment of proficient translators who are knowledgeable in their respective areas of expertise, with a demonstrated track record of professional language interpretation.

A trusted phone translator service

When making use of our professional phone translation service, you ultimately receive a considerate yet specialized service. Our interpreters possess the necessary skill to express themselves clearly in the language required by clients.

We also make use of essential technological tools to record and/or transcribe telephonic communications when desired. Clients can also rest assured with the knowledge that our phone translator personnel have to adhere to confidentiality agreements; therefore the security and privacy of clients are always protected.

As a reliable provider of language translation services, Live Document Translation is your trusted source for any phone translator requirements.

The cost of phone translator services

The cost involved with a phone translation service are generally calculated at a rate per minute.

This rate may vary in accordance with the language required as well as the intricacy of the task at hand. Before deciding on this service, potential clients should have a clear understanding of the various terminologies used when referring to live translator services.

Phone translator services can also be established as telephone translation, human phone interpreting, phone translation, over-the-phone interpretation, human translation and telephone human translation.

All of the mentioned services are generally charged at a per-minute rate, while an interpretation service which is rendered in person will be charged at an hourly rate. When the phone translator service entails the involvement of another person in the communication process, some service providers may charge an additional fee.

This fee is not uncommon and is generally only required to cover the cost of long-distance telecommunication charges. If a client wants to avoid the additional charges, it can be achieved by means of requesting a conference bridge before the actual call.

At Live Document Translation our phone translator services are designed to assist clients in the most cost-effective way, resulting in a positive outcome.