Affordable Translation By the Phone

How to get affordable translation for your document

(Last Updated On: August 13, 2020)

There are different options to get your document translated for free or to get your document translated for a very low price. Depending on what you need the translation for, there are ways to get affordable translation even online.

What are the choices?
Translation by Machine

Machine Translation

With the advancements that have taken place in the world of technology over the years, it is a pity that so many people are still not able to understand how important it is to benefit from machine translation in some cases. This is an epic milestone in the industry so far. The main reason for this is because of the fact that it does save you on time and money. Everyone needs to be able to benefit from this from time to time, and you will certainly appreciate this too.

just keep in mind that while it is affordable translation, most of the times free, it is not reliable.

Use Software

Another way to get affordable translation is to use something like the translator office app which is a free application you can use in your Microsoft word.

Systran Soft which is also a free application which you can use for free translate your document.

While some of these might be good, they are just like machine translation: far from being accurate. Use at your own risk.

Translation Software
What's the best choice?

Get affordable translation of the highest quality

Why is Live Translation different? It is easy, affordable and amazingly cheap compared with traditional translation services. When you have created your request to talk with a translator on the phone and you have uploaded your document, you get the possibility to set questions the translator can see in advance. The translator is accepting your request and all what you need to do is wait for the phone call till the system calls you automatically and establish the call with the translator who is going to help you to get answers to the questions you have. You might even ask the translator if he can live translate the document if you find parts that you think are important to know.

Within half an hour you get the understanding of a document in a foreign language solved by having translators live help on the phone. In this way you have an affordable solution and even more important fast understanding of the document written in a foreign language. This keeps you up to the competition as you can act really fast.