What is a trans-interpreter and what are they supposed to do

(Last Updated On: August 13, 2020)

Live Document Translation is a new concept where clients upload their documents and we provide them with translation by the phone. A trans-interpreter is being connected with the client on the phone, and the client can ask any questions regarding his document.

So, what is a trans-interpreter?

Since what we do is a mix between translation and interpretation, we had to come up with a new term: trans-interpreter. A translator or an interpreter that created an account with us is called a trans-interpreter.

What a trans-interpreter is supposed to do?

Clients interested in getting something translated quickly will create an account with us, add a translation job, upload a document or paste a text in the corresponding field and will also choose the language combination required and a time when they want to be called. Our system will then look into the database and send a notification by email to all interpreters matching the language combination.

The trans-interpreters matching the language combination will receive a notification by email about the job and they will be able to accept it right from the email they receive. They need to act quickly in pressing the accept button, as the job is being assigned automatically to the first interpreter that accepts the job.

The lucky “winner” needs to have the document or text the client has uploaded readily available when our system will call the interpreter and the client. Depending on the client needs, the trans-interpreter will have to translate the document live on the phone, or provide a translation summary. After that, the client may have other questions about his document, and the interpreter must answer those questions.

In a nutshell, this is about all a trans-interpreter is supposed to do. In order to see how much they make, the interpreters need to login into their LDT account and click the corresponding tab. They are also able to see a history of their calls and a suite of videos we have prepared for them, where we explain the interface and the general mechanism our live translation platform is based on.

A trans-interpreter job may not be easy by its nature, but we did our best to provide a friendly interface that can be easily used by anyone.