Some Of The Best Way to Get Translation Services Online

The Best Way to Get Translation Services Online

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2020)

Get Translation Services Online

A lot of people are not fond of using translation tools available online for their translation needs. But a lot of companies consider hiring a company or a freelance translator for precise translation, but the problem is the cost of human-quality translation. However, in some instances, due to the cost of human translators and proofreaders, some companies take the risk of using translating tools. However, the quality of human translation is still better and cannot be replaced by a machine for translation services online.

Overview of Free Online Translation Tools

Google Translate

It is by far one of the best translation services online available nowadays. Its primary function is to translate texts or web contents into the language that you want. It sustains a good set of languages, and for some users, they can even ask to add possible translations aside from the given one, especially in instances where technical terms are involved.

World Lingo

WorldLingo is also famous nowadays when it comes to online translation services. It is a translation company which online service allows translating some parts of the text or a complete web page by using the same website. The statistics show that this machine meant to translate can reveal the meaning at an accurate rate of 70-75%. Most of those who tried it said that they were happy with it. They’ve got around 60% accuracy in using it.

SDL Free Translation

SDL is also a famous machine translator among the professional translators since it is renowned for its translation memory, which can handle a lot of translation projects. With regards to the free translation services online there is just something exciting about it compared to the other software. You can easily copy paste the text that you want to be available in another language and then have the translated copy available right away.

You can pick from a free translation and a human translation as well. It is something that will provide you quotes and also offers human translation at the same time.

SDL Free Translation
Why use Live Document Translation instead?

Live Document Translation is one of the online translation services that gives what it actually means: live translation for documents, in minutes, over the phone. You can get a translator on the phone who will translate your document live, in only a few minutes, and answer all your questions. This way of doing translation also saves you money, as it is up to 70% cheaper than written translation.