Free Translation versus Live Translation

Free Translation versus Live Translation

(Last Updated On: August 13, 2020)

Free translation is something you can easily access on the web today. Live Translation however involves professional, high quality and real-time translation services which can be accomplished in a cost-effective way. Having a professional translator on the phone is not as expensive as written translation, in fact you get to save up to 70% of written translation costs. Live translations are backed by professional, experienced translators from all over the world. These offer fast turnaround translations at a quick pace and at a great price.

Free translation vs live translation

When free translation services such as Google Translate and Bing Translate are compared with Live Translation, you will realize that free translation services are bounded with limitations. The quality of these services is not up to the mark. Mis-translations can cost you a lot more than you actually end up paying for professional translations.

Live translation is an amazing alternative for free translation. If you are a business that deals with foreign businesses, then you need to present yourself in a professional manner with the aid of live translation services. Live Translation involves real time availability of thousands of qualified, professional, native speaking translators who can accomplish your translation tasks in no time.

Professional translation services charge on word to word basis. Minimum project management charges are also applicable. You would not end up paying a lot over document translations when you opt for live translation. Live translations are cheaper in comparison to many other translation services available these days. The delivery of the service is quick and accurate. Although free translation seems lucrative, these are no good when you look into the quality of the output. Professional tasks cannot be completed with the aid of free translations as the output is not up to the mark and can result in grave mistakes which may end up costing a lot.

A live translator can provide you a task in a couple of hours based on the word count in your document. However, you can expect greater accuracy be delivered to you in no time. Live translations offer quick, accurate services pertaining to translation of legal as well as professional documents.

Quality control is where Live Translation beats Free Translation services such as Bing Translate and Google Translate. Live Translation is a serious choice of professionals. Excellent results are offered when software and an individual who has command over the language work together to offer accuracy in the conversion. Free services fail considerably when you need to use the output in a professional setting. This is because machine translators carry out interpretations on a word to word basis. This fails to offer the human feel in the translations and make it quite difficult for the reader to comprehend the essence that lies in the document that has been translated. Although several amendments are being made in the algorithms so that greater accuracy can be obtained, live translation services cannot be matched by machine translators. A lot of work needs to be done in improving the quality offered by machine translators and this may require several years. As of now, you can rely on live translation services to ensure that the work delivered to you is accurate.