Cultures Around the World

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2020)

World Culture

We cannot imagine how an outsider will see our planet for the first time. We don’t know if they will appreciate the mountains and lakes more than the skyscrapers. Maybe they will be more amazed to see us than anything else. Or maybe it will be the little things, the smile of a stranger, the happy dance of dog, and the giggling of a child that will make them see our beauty. We cannot know about an outsider, but we can know our world in a better way and form our own opinion about it as a first-time viewer.

We spend years on the earth but never bother to look beyond our immediate surroundings. Knowing the names of foreign countries and their capitals is good but it is not the kind of knowledge that is enough about a world that is full of more than seven billion people. All of us know about the US, but what do we know about its culture? Everyone has heard India’s name and appreciated Indian clothing but what makes the country’s culture different than every other place on earth? We don’t try to find out the answer to these questions but if we did, we will find true beauty along the way.

When it comes to studying the world and its people, there is a difference between information and knowledge. Information can open a lot of doors for us, but it is knowledge that will help us build connections with the people. You can get a job based on the information you share during the interview, but if you don’t have a deep knowledge of your field and cannot read people when needed to, you won’t be able to get far at your workplace. Many people spend their whole lives without ever figuring out the importance of knowledge. They rely only on information and never get to understand the joy of knowing things and people.

But some do realize the difference between the two terms and start focusing on knowledge. They try to educate themselves not only so that it can benefit them but also help them see the world in a better way. With the help of knowledge, things become clearer. Information is like numbers but knowledge is the definition and the explanation of a problem, while also being the solution of that problem. There is a lot that we can learn about our world. From languages translation and cultures, there is no shortage of things we can research about and get to understand the people around in a better way.


Knowing the names of India’s capital city and all its states can only get you so far. If you are talking to an Indian, you can’t discuss those names. But knowing the Indian culture can give you something to talk about and by doing so, you can learn about them too. It helps people relax around you when they realize you value their culture.

Cultures Around the World:


People do not study cultures just to use them as a talking point, but they do so because of how interesting they are. Each culture has a lot to offer to its students. One can learn about different customs and traditions. Such things help us understand the ones we share space with on this earth. It also helps us become more respectful of the people around us.

One of the most famous cultures in the world today is that of Japan. It is also very influential as can be seen by its effect on the global culture. From fashion to cuisine, a lot of Japanese things have made their way to people’s heart. Anime is very popular among younger generations and through them, Japan is influencing people all over the world. The modernity of the country is also something that is impacting different societies.

The most influential culture in the world is that of Italy and has been for centuries. You can’t go somewhere in the world where pizza isn’t available. Other Italian food items are also becoming popular throughout the world. Italian fashion is also pretty famous and inspires designers everywhere on the planet. The artistic history of the country also plays a role in its current position as a culture favorite.

When you are studying culture, their influence isn’t the only thing worth noticing. Some of the most fascinating cultures have been ignored by the world for years but anthropologists continue to try to show their beautiful side to the world. The Indian culture is something that cannot be ignored by a lover of colors. It is vibrant and full of life. From unique fashion to spicy cuisine, there is plenty to love about the lifestyle of Indians. A lot of Indians are known around the world for their contributions to different fields and promote their customs and traditions everywhere they go.


The Muslim culture is one of the most followed one in the world but it has many variations depending on the people and the region where they live. Muslims living in different countries combine their religious traditions with those of their region. This is why Muslims practice different cultures around the world. But celebrating their Eid is something that all of them do regardless of the place where they live.

Studying cultures around the world is exactly as fun as it sounds. It can bring together people and end stereotypes. Maybe it is also something that can help us achieve world peace.