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Over The Phone Interpreting Scenarios

(Last Updated On: August 13, 2019)
Over The Phone Interpreting Scenarios

The thing we should be most grateful for is not technology but our ability to keep progressing. The invention of wheel was a huge victory for human beings but if we never worked on it and used it to build fast cars, we never would have reached where we are today. We have a never-ending fire inside us that keeps us going. It tells us that anything can be improved. We never stop working, even on our best inventions, because we know we can do even better. Throughout the history, humans’ habit of improving their inventions has benefitted humanity immensely.

One great invention that became even better with time is the telephone. A lot of us may have no idea how the first phone looked like or how it operated but you can rightly guess that it was no where as efficient as the phones of today are. Our communication devices have become very advanced today. Humans have not only improved the devices but also the systems that connect those devices. Phone lines and telecommunication towers have gotten better with time and the chances of damages have decreased over time. A call that used to take a while to connect and could only be afforded by the rich people has become fast and cheap nowadays.

Mobiles have revolutionized our communication systems further. You don’t even have to call people these days if you don’t want to and still get your message through to them with the help of an SMS. You can even send pictures and videos from your phone. But there was no way we were going to stop there so we kept improving the way mobiles worked and added more and more features to the devices. Phones that began as a way of connecting people with each other have now become mini managers for people. They help you pay your bills, receive work reports on the go and read news whenever you want. These are just a few examples of what mobiles can do for us.

If you have a smartphone with a built-in virtual assistant, you can ask them to set up alarms and reminders for you. You can even make them text for you with you dictating. These features are extremely helpful when you are multitasking or you remember something while driving. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that mobiles have brought a revolutionary change in people’s lives. But there is another benefit of phones that often don’t get talked about but can be very helpful if used at the right time. And that is over the phone interpretation services.

Over the Phone Interpreting:

phone interpreting

Translation is a great way to connect people or expand businesses but it has its limitations. It takes time and sometimes you need the translation in real time. In such a scenario, hiring a translator is out of the question. An interpreter, on the other hand, can help you and allow you to carry out a conversation with someone despite the language barrier.

Scenarios for Phone Interpreting:

Just like translation cannot help you in every situation, interpreting is also limited to a few situations. But when you are in one of those situations, you will be glad for the existence of interpreting. Here are the most common Over the Phone Interpreting scenarios:

phone interpreting
  1. Business Meetings:

Whether you are talking to potential investors or overseas branch’s employees, you will need to understand them quickly so you can contribute to the conversation. Translation will be unable to help you in such a situation but over the phone interpreting will allow both parties to carry on their talk smoothly.

A lot of times investors want to see your way of tackling a problem and if you do it the right way, they will be willing to invest in your business. This is another reason why choosing interpreting is so important. Since the interpreter won’t be available in person, it will allow everyone involved a level of privacy.

  1. Hospital/Medical Interaction:

Sometimes a doctor may have to discuss a patient with a foreign colleague. It could just be a consultation or maybe their patient is visiting a foreign country and the doctor there needs their history. Either way, quick interpretation will be needed of the conversation so a conclusion can be arrived at and the patient can get the treatment they need. With the help of over the phone interpreting, doctors can get that consultation easily and the patient will get the best treatment possible.

When someone is vacationing abroad and they have to go to the emergency one night, a phone call back home to their doctor can help the local medical staff understand their condition. But only with the help of an interpreter.

  1. Police/Court Cases:

Interpreting is also required in legal proceedings sometimes. When a person of one country is giving a testimony in another country or when the police has to get statement from a witness who speak a different language, over the phone interpreting can prove to be very helpful. It also helps the court maintain the anonymity of the witnesses and get them the help they require through an interpreter. Since the interpreter won’t be present during the proceedings, they can also stay safe from the pressure of the case and interpret freely.

In any of the above-mentioned situations, interpretation can turn around things and tackle the language problem for you.