Cheap, Almost Free Translation

Cheap almost free translation of your foreign documents

(Last Updated On: August 13, 2020)

When you have a document in a foreign language, you would naturally want to get it converted into a language which you can understand. Depending on the document, you can choose free translation, or a translation done by a professional.

Many prefer seeking help to get certified translations of documents in a foreign language from experts in the field who hold certifications in that respective language. For instance, if you are looking for translation of a document from Spanish to English, you would want to hire a translator who holds a certification in this particular combination. You can look for certified translators over the web from reputed forums. However, this process would consume time. You will have to look for translators, verify their credentials, discuss the nature of work, discuss the pay and then offer a certain period of time to have the work delivered to you. This may take 24 hours or more based on the translator that you would be hiring.

Is free translation an option?

What would you do if you wanted to translate a document in a foreign language almost instantly? Nobody would be willing to wait for days in case a person needed medical attention and had to seek assistance from a qualified, foreign doctor who does not understand the language in which the documents were printed in. This is when it makes sense to opt for translation services that are quick. Businesses dealing with foreign vendors need to establish a constant interaction with their clients settled overseas. Hiring a translator each time can prove to be an expensive task. This is when alternatives such as live translate can prove to be beneficial. Cheap and almost free translation of document is possible in an instant manner with tools available these days over the web.

You need to remember that not all translators or live translation features can offer the same quality. There are pros and cons of opting for traditional and machine translations. You need to identify the ones which would offer you the quality that you are seeking for your work. The rates would be charged based on the amount of work that would go in translating the document. Machine translations are quite cheap. However, traditional ones can prove to be expensive. If you are looking for cheapest translations, then you need to get quotes from agencies or translators. Identify the ones that would charge you a fair price. Translations are usually charged on per word basis. Rates are also dependent on language combination.

There are several applications and translation agencies that can offer you translation services. You need to look for the one that can offer cheaper services yet do not compromise with the quality. Any certified translation service would charge you $50-$70 per page. You can look for cheaper alternatives based on the quality of work and the pace of delivery that you are expecting.

When it comes to quickly understanding a document in a language you don’t understand, Live Document Translation comes in handy when your budget is not that high. You can have your document translated live on the phone in less that half an hour and save up to 70% off written translation cost without loosing any of the benefits. This is real, high quality, almost free translation you could get at anytime, even in the middle of the night.