Translation of Powerpoints, How Does It Work

(Last Updated On: August 8, 2020)

Many people will tell you that public speaking is an art, and they may be right. But almost everyone has to deliver a speech or present an idea to a group of people at one point in their lives. Some people have had to fight a lot of anxiety to be able to talk to an audience confidently. A lot of students take hours to mentally prepare themselves for the horror of presenting a topic to the whole class. But there are a few things that help people during their presentation. Friends support each other during the presentation. There are also computer tools that help people in the preparation and presentation of a topic. The best one is PowerPoint.

PowerPoint was created with the sole purpose of helping people present topics during class and business meetings. It has incredible features to assist us in the preparation of a topic. Whether you need bars or graphs to present data, you will be able to access it all within the program. You can also add images and colorful backgrounds to make your data more interesting. With the help of the program, you can display the significant points of your discussion on the screen and explain each thing in detail to your audience at the same time.

Translation of PowerPoint:


You will be surprised to learn of the times when people require language assistance. But when we consider the fact that more than seven thousand languages are spoken in the world, it only makes sense. After all, we can’t always deal with those who speak the same language as us. As a result, we will require the assistance of linguistic experts, or we wouldn’t be able to engage in conversations with others. One of the biggest consumers of translation services is the business world.

All the big names you know today, like Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft, operate all over the world. Even small businesses start working with the aim of going global. But there are many problems a company will have to solve if it wants to succeed in a foreign market. Without translation, they won’t be able to survive a day in the international market. PowerPoint is what people use to present their ideas to foreign investors. The way an idea is presented increases its value. But when you are trying to impress an international audience, you will need to value their language.


If you made an exciting presentation full of charts and graphs, but it wasn’t in a language your audience can understand, they won’t be impressed with your data. This is why the translation of PowerPoint is necessary to win the hearts of your foreign partners and investors.

How Does It Work?


Since this is a complicated format, people wonder how it can be translated. When it comes to files like Word Documents, the process is simple as all the text can be changed at one time. But in a PowerPoint file, each slide will have to be selected and translated one at a time. Each slide contains a different set of data and therefore has to be treated as a separate page. It is also worth remembering that a small mistake can misplace all the data and ruin the formatting of the file.

There are also images in such files with words on them. Changing their wording is a whole different issue. An expert will have to recreate the image with the translated data to convey the meaning of the original file. You might have to get some of the images remade to make them look more authentic. But the wording for the new images will be provided by a linguistic expert. They will view the current pictures and create their translation for you. All of this makes the translation of PowerPoint a very complicated task that cannot be handled by inexperienced professionals.

Just because your employee created an excellent presentation doesn’t mean they will be able to do an equally great job at translating the file. So, when you have to deliver a presentation in front of a foreign audience, it is better to search for experts outside of your office. Unless you have an in-house linguistic expert, you won’t be able to get an accurate translation without leaving your office.

Business Translators:


There are various fields in the language industry, and each professional specializes in a different one. This is why when you require help with a legal document, you can’t go to a healthcare translator. Going to the right expert for help can make your life a lot easier and resolve all your issues. But more often than not, people end up relying on the internet or their inexperienced employees for something that can only be handled by professionals.

So, when you need your PowerPoint translated, it is better to keep in mind that you should get the assistance of a business translator. Not only do they know how to handle papers containing sensitive company data, but they also have plenty of experience in translating PowerPoints. Only they will be able to accurately decipher all the images and data and help you convey the information to your target audience.

A complicated task should be handled by a qualified professional if you don’t want your files messed up. When an expert works on your document, they will make sure that the format remains the same, and you don’t lose any data during the process.