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The Top Ten Sexiest Languages in The World

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2020)
The Top Ten Sexiest Languages in The World

Do you ever hear someone talk and just get lost in their voice and completely forget to focus on what they are actually saying? Happens to all of us. No one can resist the melodic sound of a good accent. But is it really just the accent or has it something to do with the language that person is speaking? Maybe it is neither and you are really just in love and everything they say makes you heart skip a beat. Okay, okay, maybe not the last part, let’s roll back a bit. There is no denying that some accents are just way too sexy to not notice.

sexiest language

Who hasn’t heard a Scottish accent in movies and instantly fallen in love with the character speaking it? But it is also true that some languages have that soft and sweet quality that can make anything sound beautiful. Even if the speaker is arguing with you, they won’t sound like it. Unlike some harsh languages, whose speakers always sound like they are one second away from punching you, even when they are declaring their undying loyalty to you. So, it is a bit in the languages and that’s what we are about to discuss in detail.

The Most Beautiful and Melodic Languages of the World:

Some people talk like everything they are saying is a song and then some languages are that too. They make their speakers sound like contestants of X-Factor, and not the ones that embarrass themselves in the audition, but the ones that make it to the semi-finals.

  • When it comes to the beautiful tongues of the world that also sound melodic, French wins by a huge margin. Ever language lover thinks that it sounds way too good to ignore. Anyone who knows anything about vernaculars and different dialects will tell you that it is their dream to learn French if they haven’t already. The strong cultural background of the language also gives it the special edge over other vernaculars. Its pronunciation make it sound almost like a song to someone who doesn’t know the language.
  • Spanish is one of those vernaculars that gives its speaker the power to make it sound like however they want. You can swear in Spanish and it will convey as much hatred or frustration as you are feeling. And you can also talk calmly in this tongue to sound melodic. If you really want to know the melodic power of Spanish, listen to a Spanish song. Not only will you become mesmerized by the tone of the language but also feel compelled to sing along despite not knowing the words.
  • When it comes to Italian, opera says it all. The natural flow of Italian makes it impossible for its speakers to not sound melodic and beautiful each time they talk. Many people go so far as to say that Italian is the Modern Latin and has the same power to inspire that Latin had in its time. Italian also has a lot of songs to its credit that motivated masses against fascist regimes.

The Sexiest Languages in the World:

So which language you should be writing sonnets in to declare your love or to woo your crush? Well, these could be a good start:

  • French is not only the most beautiful and melodic, it is also considered by many linguists as the sexiest language in the world. Maybe that is because of its melodic sound or the rich romantic history associated with it. A lot of famous romance stories were written in French and are still very famous to this day.
  • British English is considered by many as a very sexy vernacular but it might be more due to that posh accent more than the language itself. It is also notable that a lot of famous celebrities have this accent and they are sure to turn the people’s opinion in favor of their language.
  • Italian has to be included in this list because it has the same melodic quality as French and that’s why it sounds very sexy. It is very easy for its speakers to impress people just by saying a few words.
  • Spanish may not have come to your mind for this list but many language lovers consider it as one of the top ten sexiest vernaculars of the world.
  • English probably has more romantic literature than any other language and that’s what has given it a place in this list. It is also very simple and allows easy use of rhyming words. This is why poets often use it to express their love.
  • Thai language is not something that many have heard of it. In fact, the name Thai may have brought the pictures of food to your mind, but in truth, it has a place on this list because in many people’s opinion, it is the sexiest tongue in the world.
  • Tahitian is another vernacular that may be unknown to a lot of us but it has a very powerful effect on its listeners and that’s why it has ended up in this list of sexiest languages.
  • Afrikaans may not be sexiest but its accent definitely is and can get people mesmerized easily.
  • Irish people’s accent makes them sound super sexy just like the Scots. And that’s why it is worth mentioning here.
  • Portuguese, especially the one spoken in Brazil is known for its attractiveness.

Now that you know which languages are the most beautiful and can attract their listeners, you can decide which ones to learn and start impressing the people around you.