interpreters job

How to get a telephone interpreters job?

(Last Updated On: August 8, 2020)

Interpreters Job

The right workplace can make your job experience worthwhile. But if you end up at a company where the founders’ priorities are their own interests then you will never be able to do your job in a good way. You will always be serving their interest and not helping people with your skills. People who have talents should not end up in companies that want to commercialize those talents without actually helping others. Artists stay happy when they don’t have to please corporate heads. Skills and talents should only be used to help others. In the world of translation, there are so many people who are always in need of quality interpretations.

There are people looking for accurate translations of their birth certificates for immigration. There are businesses waiting for translations to figure out how their branches are doing in different countries. The healthcare industry waits for translations to find out if a patient has improved due to a foreign treatment or not. Legal proceedings rely on translations when a witness’ account is the biggest weapon of the prosecution. Everyday life of people would come to a halt if translators stopped offering their services to people or increased their charges by a hundred percent.

We have been in the language service industry for over a decade and that has helped us realize people’s need for translations. We know that a lot of work can remain undone without the help of translators. With the advancement in technology, new ways of translation came forward and we adapted to the newer environment. Today, we are the leading providers of telephone interpreting services. When we saw how useful interpretation can be to people, we decided to give our best in the field. That’s why we hire the best professionals and provide the highest quality work to all our clients.

interpreters job

Why Choose Us?

interpreters job

As an interpreter, you will have two options in front of you. You can either work as a freelancer or join hands with an agency. If you go with the former, you will face many problems. Finding projects as a freelancer is not easy, and retaining clients is harder. Maybe someone comes to you for a translation but they never require interpretation ever again, what will you do then? Keep waiting your whole life for them to come back and offer you another project? Searching for work yourself is very difficult and time consuming. And when you are not a recognized interpreter, you can’t set your own conditions. You will have to finish projects according to the wish of your clients. That means you can’t take a break when you want to and can’t do a fixed number of projects every week.

If you choose to work with an agency, all these problems will go away. Unless you end up with an agency that doesn’t care about its employees and its clients. If they overwork you, don’t pay you well, or don’t respect your wishes about the burden of assignments, they will affect the quality of your work indirectly. This is why you have to choose an agency that not only pays well, but also care about the quality of the work. Such agencies care about their clients and want them to always get the best service which is only possible if they hire good interpreters and pay them well. If you want to know more about us, then here are a few facts that can help you:

  • Work As Much As You Want:

We have seven thousand telephone interpreters on our team which means we have no shortage of professionals. We don’t overwork you. You can work as much or as little as you want. You have to let us know how many projects per week do you want and we will respect your wishes.

  • Set Your Availability:

Some people work better at night while others prefer the light of the day. You can decide what time you will be available for work. If you give us the hours when you will be okay with working, you will only have to interpret in those hours. The clients who need work in those hours will be connected to you.

  • Earn According to Your Work:

We know that good pay is directly related to the quality of the work and that’s why we pay all our interpreters nicely. You will get paid for each project accordingly. We will pay you depending on the time you spent on a telephone interpretation. You can take extra projects to earn more money.

How to Contact Us?


If you want to work with us then don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can get in touch with us in multiple ways. Our representatives are available on live chat at all times but for jobs, it is better to either call our number or email us your resume. Once you apply for the job, you will hear back from us soon. You will receive information about the job in the reply or on the phone. You will be given a date for the test. We have a strict test to assess the quality of interpreter’s work. If you pass our test of quality, you will get the job. After getting the job, you can tell us all about your work preferences before you start working. Each interpreter will get work according to the preferences they tell us about on the day of their appointment.