Document and website word counter tool

If you have a document and you want to have it translated, it starts with: what will it cost me and how long will it take to get the document translated?

Almost every agency will charge you based on the price per word. In order to find out what a translation could cost, you need to use a calculator which counts the words in a file.

To help you solve this, we have developed this word counter tool and added it on our website. This tool is free. You can use it easily as it is user-friendly. You just need to drop in your document and it does the rest for you. It will let you know the total word count along with the price per word.

Our document and website word count tool can count the words in web documents (html), word documents, eBooks and even pdf files.

For documents where the words are not countable like in scanned files, you have to calculate an average of 500 words per page.

word count tool to count words in any document for free

Our document and website word count tool counts the words in:

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Web Documents

Free website word counter tool

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Free document word count tool


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How to count the words on a website


Your website is an important part of your business. Ultimately, you will need to have your website translated for a global audience. When the time comes, knowing the word count of your website will be crucial to get started.

Getting an exact word count of a website can be a real pain though. You have two basic options; one, you can open Word or another word processing program, and copy-paste the website into it. This has some drawbacks, such as, websites often have several or dozens of pages and posts making this process a bit tough and this will also paste a lot of ad text or irrelevant text that shouldn’t be counted.

The other option is to use our online tool that is on our website. This tool is specifically created for you, so you can count the words on a website. All you need to know is the URL of a website and your email address, if you want to get a report about the amount of words and pages, place it into the tool, and you can find out exactly how many words are on that website.

No matter the reason you choose to use this website word counter tool, it will offer you with helpful information you can use to better your business by translating your website into other languages. In order to get a quote for website translation services, you will need to count the words on a website, and our free tool provides just that.

A new era for Word counter tools

We can define word count as the number of words in any given document or text. There are many reasons why it is necessary to know the number of words. From the point of view of professional writers, it is the way their work is measured. It can also help them to set the tone of their work as this number defines the purpose of what they write. For students, scientists and professionals from other fields it helps them to set the limits of how they present and publish their work. When it comes to readers, it gives them important clues about the time and effort they have to make to read a particular text. For translation, the number of words is crucial as the price is based on a cost per word.


In the past, counting words in a website was done manually and rules to count words varied depending of the type of text. Some of those rules took into consideration the length of the word, the number of characters and the presence of any other grammar signs. In the present there is a general consensus to accept that one word is a number of characters together without taking into consideration the length of the word. The most important aspect is that a space between a group of characters divide one from word from another. This is the criteria applied by modern word processors included in computers as well as internet applications in the internet.

Computers added automatic word counter tools for their word processors, which has eased the work either to professional and informal writers. They use the above mentioned criteria of counting a word as a group of characters divided by a space. Internet has also brought its own word count tools. Browsers like Chrome or Firefox offer complements that can be easily installed. Also there are some free word count tools available which allow you to know this information by just copying and pasting the text into the provided space. Problems may appear when you can’t copy the text, and this is where our word count tool can help you.


Free word counter to use for any purpose


You hear the word free and you get excited, and let’s admit it, we all love free items no matter whether we need them or not. But our free word counter isn’t something like that; it’s the one thing that we all rely on technology for, convenience.

The revolution that tech experts are bringing forward to us is absolutely meaningless if they fail to provide us ease. In this rushed and hectic life, there’s really no time to count the words when you need a translation. With so many inevitable duties on your table, you certainly don’t need another and this is why our free word counter will save the day for you.

Universal Translation Services ensures highest quality services with the simplest yet most efficient tools. For large documents, websites, or any other texts that you wish to translate, our free word counter is right there waiting for you to use it at no cost.